Lenovo K3 Note Problems – How to fix!

Notable Lenovo K3 Note Problems

Basic Features of Lenovo K3 Note

With the scintillating success of A6000 and A7000, Lenovo has come up with another budget smartphone. The brand has designed a classy phone (alias phablet) with 1.7 GHz Octa core processor, 2900 mAh battery, 13 megapixel camera, 5 megapixel front camera, a 2 GB RAM and internal storage capacity of 16 GB. Well, this is nothing but Lenovo K3 Note. With a non-metallic body but classy looks, this phone is worth every penny you invest. Lenovo K3 Note stuck on to the design of A6000 and A7000. Hence, if you are shifting from A6000/A7000 to K3 Note, fear not! You will not feel new or unfamiliar to K3 Note!

Six Appealing Features of Lenovo K3 Note

There are many benefits in owning Lenovo K3 Note. Here is a quick walk through six major advantages in investing in this phablet.

  1. Lenovo K3 Note comprises of a removable battery.

  2. The stunning phablet is capable of running smooth apps and 1080p HD videos without any lag.

  3. K3 Note is capable of supporting 4G network.

  4. The phablet provides LED notification for both missed calls and messages.

  5. Unlike many other smartphones and phablets, Lenovo K3 Note supports the use of OTG cables effectively.

  6. Lenovo K3 Note is ideal for playing resource intense games and HD videos.

Lenovo K3 Note Problems – Overheating

Unfortunately, Lenovo K3 Note comprises of few unavoidable drawbacks. One of the Lenovo K3 Note Problems is overheating problems that should be handled with lots of care and concern. Unlike many other phablets in the market, K3 Note has a solvable overheating problem. By adhering to the right kind of changes and settings, you can prevent the phone from heating extensively. Though the phablet features a long lasting battery and powerful processor, the device can become extremely hot in few split minutes. The powerful beast gets warm while playing resource intense games and multitasking through performance-rich apps. Due to its overheating problem, a lot of people tend to think twice before investing on this phone. In fact, K3 Note’s heating problem results in hardware failure. But since it is a device from market leaders who are extremely cautious about performance and fine-tuned features, a quick solution is identified against the heat problem.

Why Do Android Devices Heat?

Almost all android device users tend to face heating problems. However, the issue becomes extremely prominent when you run many applications in the background. This is because you would force your device to go through extensive amounts of processing and resource management procedures. As your android device gets heated up, there are high chances of hardware failure. And, if you leave your phone unattended for a very long time, it may cease to function properly. According to techies, the issue of overheating can be resolved through software tweaking. These are simple adjustments that alter the way your phone behaves during performance rich or resource intensive apps (and widgets). We talked a while ago about other android phone that are overheating like LG G3, LG G4 or Samsung Galaxy S6 and found some solutions too.

lenovo k3 note problems overheating

How would it be to have small fans inside our phablets for cooling down? Unfortunately, phablets and android smartphones are too small to have fans. This is why most android smartphones suffer the issues of overheating.

Overcoming Overheating in Non-Rooted Devices

If your Lenovo K3 Note is not rooted, here is a quick review on how to overcome the issue of overheating:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and “Apps”. Now, select “Running Apps”.

  2. Before you make any changes, you should identify applications that would not be used. These applications should be terminated. In most cases, you should terminate heavy apps like “Google Play Store”, “Google Search”, “Maps”, “Google Play Services” and “Google Play Services Framework”.

  3. In order to stop or terminate apps, you should navigate to “Settings”, select the app to be terminated and click “Disable”.

As you stop these powerful apps, more than 40% of the RAM will become free. This will reduce the chances of overheating and improve your phablet’s overall performance.

Overcoming Overheating in Rooted Devices

On the other hand, if your Lenovo K3 Note is not rooted, you should adhere to the following steps:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” and select “Battery”. Now, you should select “Optimize CPU Performance”.

  2. Now, you will be taken to a new page with more options. Here, you should lower the CPU performance and let your phone run at a lower level. Generally, this is the hard way of preventing your phablet from heating up. Some users tend to drain the entire battery and let it charge again.

Apps to Resolve Lenovo K3 Note Overheating Issues

If you have a rooted Lenovo K3 Note, you can use third party applications to overcome the issues of heating. Two of the best apps in the market to prevent heating would be Greenify and Coolify.

  1. Greenify is a customized application that will change your phone to hibernation mode. All android devices tend to cool down in this mode. However, you will not be allowed to enjoy major features of the phablet in this mode.

  2. Just like Greenify, Coolify is ideal for cooling down the android phone.

Four Other Lenovo K3 Note Problems

Moving on, Lenovo K3 Note comprises of few unavoidable problems that may be faced in the long run.

  1. Lenovo K3 Note Problems – Calls. Some users tend to witness distorted phone calls. The overall score of K3 Note’s connectivity would be 7.3/10. However, in the midst of poor network facilities, the calls may seem distorted and totally unclear.

  2. Lenovo K3 Note Problems – Sound. Though K3 Note comprises of Dolby Sound units, the speakers have very low audio quality. Some tunes may sound very low in K3 Note.

  3. Just like many other android devices, Lenovo K3 Note has chances of getting hanged. This may not be frequent; however, there is a small possibility of unresponsive behavior.

  4. Apart from technical issues, Lenovo K3 Note is not shipped with earphones. And, first time smartphone buyers consider this as an annoying trait of the phablet.

The Verdict

On the whole, it is a decent pick for its price even if it exists some Lenovo K3 Note Problems. The phablet is worth every penny you spend. Priced around INR 9999, K3 Note has something for every other smartphone user.

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