iPhone 6 Not Charging Problem – How to Fix it?

How to Resolve the iPhone 6 Not Charging Problem?

Did you plug your iPhone to a computer or the wall and figure out that it isn’t charging? Are you worried about your new phone’s battery capacity? Are you planning to replace your phone with a new battery? If yes, this article will certainly lend you a hand of help. If your iphone 6 is not charging or turning on the problem could be present in three different components. In most cases, the iphone 6 not charging problem is related with the USB cable, wall adapter and charging port.

The Prime Reason Behind iPhone 6 not Charging to 100 Problem

According to techies, iphone 6 not charging is related with the phone’s software and not its hardware. This is why you shouldn’t replace the phone’s hardware for better battery life. There is plenty of misinformation stating that you can handle the iphone 6 not charging problem by replacing its hardware. And, this is absolutely an incorrect advice.

Before you search for information on how to resolve the iphone 6 not charging issue, you must understand how the device actually works. The moment you plug the device to a working power source, you are not connecting the battery to the power supply. Even the 30-pin connector port is not connected to the power supply. As power seeps into your iPhone 6, it is handled by the logic board. The logic board inside the iPhone is programmed to determine if the battery is to be charged or not. Even though iPhone 6 has an incredible piece of hardware, it is not adequate enough to be considered as counterintuitive. This is because the phone’s software decides if the battery should charge or not. And, this is why you must focus on the software, when you face the iphone 6 not charging problem. This article will give you a quick walk through eight different tips that must be accomplished before you head to a store for the iphone 6 not charging issue.

Tips to Resolve iPhone 6 not Charging Properly Problem

  1. Restart Your Phone

First of all, try restarting your phone. You will be astounded to note that the phone may start to work properly. A lot of people have witnessed the power of an abrupt restart. According to experienced iPhone users, restarting can solve a lot of problems in the device. It may not solve very complicated or serious issues; but if your phone is not charging, a restart will help. As the phone restarts, you should plug it in and try again. There are plenty of online instructions on how restarting can help.

iphone 6 not charging reset

  1. Old Cables

If your phone has a malfunctioning hardware, it may not charge. In most cases, old iPhone cables tend to face this problem. This is because power wouldn’t flow between the power adapter and the computer. As a result, your phone will stop acquiring charge. The only way to verify this is by using another iPhone cable. And, if your USB cable is broken you should replace it with a functioning one. This will be your only resolution to the tacky problem.

iphone 6 not charging cable

  1. Broken Adapter

Moving on, if you are relying on a wall charger rather than a computer, you should check if the adapter is functioning properly. The iPhone 6 not charging problem could be caused due to a broken adapter too! There are two ways to check if the problem is caused by a broken adapter. You can check if the iphone 6 not charging problem occurs when you use another adapter. Likewise, you can try charging the device from the computer. Of course, you should replace the broken adapter to charge your iPhone!

  1. Broken USB Port

Once you get hold of a working USB port or a good adapter, and if the iphone 6 not charging problem persists, it might be caused by a broken USB port. To test this, you should try a different USB port. If the computer identifies your iPhone and starts charging, the issue would be caused by a malfunctioning or broken USB port. To re-verify this issue, you can try using a different USB device (that you know would work without any issues). It is quite interesting to note that the iPhone has very high power demands. If the phone is not charged using a high-speed USB port, it may not get charged at all. Thus, if the iphone 6 not charging problem exists, you should make sure it is not connected to the USB2.0 ports. Always plug the device to an USB3.0 port.

iphone 6 not charging broken usb

Using the Recovery Mode

It is quite interesting to note that some iphone 6 not charging problems will force you to follow several steps before you rectify them. One such procedure involves the use of the recovery mode. As suggested by its name, this mode will help you recover from critical iPhone problems. It is quite similar to a quick restart that can handle much more complicated issues. However, you should remember that the recovery mode can delete user data from your device. Generally, the recovery mode would restore the original factor settings or data from the backup.

Check for Lint

A very common step carried out when the iphone 6 not charging problem surfaces would be checking for lint. There is high chance that lint from your wallet or pocket could be jammed in the USB cable or iPhone’s lightning connector. If there is adequate amounts of lint in these hardware components, electricity will not flow into the required boards. Also, make sure there is no gunk in the duck connector or cable. If you find lint or gunk, you should clear it by blowing.

Ultimate Bottom Line

If the iPhone 6 not charging at all problem exists even after you make all these critical checks, you might have got a dead battery. This is when you should head towards an Apple store and replace the battery. Usually, the battery will cost you 79 to 100 USD (based on the model you own). If your phone is less than a year, AppleCare will replace the battery for free.

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