IOS 7.1 new features released

IOS 7.1 new features released. Apple realeased IOS 7.1 for iphone and ipad with new features


IOS 7.1 new features released


New and better version of IOS was released last week, and after 24 hours was installed on over 5.9% IOS devices in Noth America. This is huge if you ask me.

 What new features does IOS 7.1 brings?

  • Carplay – you may know it by IOS in the car – It helps you to connect your car to mobile devices and make it integrate with Apple maps and navigation , Iphone calling, music services and much more;
  • Better SIRI – IOS 7.1 introduces manual SIRI control or push-to-talk, by holding the home button during your query;
  • Auto HDR on Iphone 5s – IOS 7.1 includes a setting that allows the user to set auto HDR on iphone 5s devices;
  • Better Touch ID – Apple improved biometric reader and made the fingerprint recognition better;
  • Calendar –  IOS 7.1 turned calendar to monthly view and introduced country specific holidays.

Another good this about 7.1 is that made Iphone 4 and Ipad 3 faster. I must agree after installing 7.1 on iphone 4 , I saw big  changes . On previous version my phone was slooooww. Anyway, we see the improvements Apple made with IOS 7.1, but it is perfect? So it comes the next question!

What is wrong with ios 7.1 ?

Some say that after 7.1 update, they have bluetooth  connectivity issues. Mashable made some tests with their own Iphone 5s devices and indeed there was some problems with bluetooth.  This is a big problem because many of us use our bluetooth very often, so apple better solve this problem.

So, should you install IOS 7.1 ?

Despite bluetooth issue, that i am sure Apple will solve it, i recommend to update your IOS version to 7.1 . It will make your device faster and you can enjoy the new features this version provides.


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