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Come utilizzare AirPlay su Windows

airplay apple on windows

How to stream music and videos using Apple AirPlay on a Windows laptop. Come riprodurre musica e video in streaming tramite Apple AirPlay su un PC Windows. AirPlay di Apple trasmette i file multimediali da Mac o dispositivi iOS ad altri dispositivi come altoparlanti wireless e TV HD. Puoi ...


Apple’s revolution in smart glasses

As the world of technology progresses day by day, technological needs of people are shaped according to living conditions. Nowadays, big companies have to constantly come up with new innovative products in order to grow or maintain their position in the market. Apple is one of the first companies ...


The Rise of Mobile Gaming in India

mobile gaming graphic

Gone are the days of PC gaming and home-based consoles being the choice of gamers. Now, the dominance of both of them is slowly coming to an end and it’s replaced by the booming mobile gaming market. Mobile gaming is now the staple of the gaming market, overtaking PC gaming in revenues for quite a ...


Best laptop brands 2015

Best laptop brands 2015 The gadgets we use today which include our smart phones, tablets and laptops are very essential tools to satisfy our needs both socially and professionally. Many of these needs often satisfied by the latest smart phones and tablets are now aptly met by making use of wearable ...


IPhone 6 specs and price

Iphone 6

Apple released not one but two smartphones with big screen along with a smart watch, due to strong competition with Android phones and watches. IPhone 6 Specs and Price IPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch were released Tuesday night in Cupertino, California, in an event that was present not ...


IOS 7.1 new features released

IOS 7.1 new features released. Apple realeased IOS 7.1 for iphone and ipad with new features     New and better version of IOS was released last week, and after 24 hours was installed on over 5.9% IOS devices in Noth America. This is huge if you ask me.   (more…)