Why international link building is so important for your SEO strategy in 2019

SEO is the pleasure and pain of every digital marketer and strategist in the world. As long as the web exists, also a search engine optimization strategy will be the priority for your website. So let us see, among the many strategies and operations available, what benefits you can have from one of the main points of SEO, link building. Moreover, we will focus on international link building, which is a challenging, but rewarding operation.

As many of you already know, SEO operations are a key element of the entire marketing strategy. One of the operations that you and your brand can do is to link your website with others website, thus signalling to search engines, i.e. Google, that you are reliable, respected and important. These links, or backlinks as they are called, are an important aspect of the ranking. In addition, of course, being considered and rewarded by Google with high rank is what a company wants for themselves.

Anyway, the link building operation is not so simple, especially when you also want to have an international reputation, so it is better to follow some suggestions and to avoid terrible mistakes which can damage your online ranking.

Research and analysis

First of all, as in every marketing activity, you and your team will need to analyze and study your competitors. What they are doing, what is their ranking, what SEO operations they are doing and so on. As every marketer is saying, you can learn a lot from competitors! However, studying is not enough. You will also need to analyze the data, not only from your competitors but also from your own website. You can easily use tools such as SemRush to analyze websites and domains but also to research keywords.

Points to be considered

When you have decided your strategy, you also need to consider some relevant points:

  •    New languages
  •    New client profiles and behaviours
  •    New competitors

In fact, you are dealing with a new market when you go international, so consider also changing your tone of voice and approach to costumers.

Be local and be influent

Before going international, you will need to be relevant in your own country. So, it is better to start the link building operations within your country websites and turn on the Google alerts to see if someone is mentioning your company or your brand outside. When you consolidate your presence in your territory, also through advertising, you can start to conquer the world. Well, just kidding, but actually, you can start to build up an international strategy for link building. Again, the first step is to study and analyze competitors and yourself. You can also find an influencer to help you spread the word in a new country – check out BuzzSumo to find out top influencers and the top content for a specific country.

Paid links and good content

Of course, at a certain point, you will need to pay to help your company to stand out. You will pay for sponsored advertising on social media and sometimes you will pay for link building. Be sure, however, to pay for quality content: well-written and engaging articles and posts are the best way to enhance your brand. Therefore, you will need the help of professional resources to create your beautiful content.

Do not give up

Build up your international authority can be stressful and long. However, do not give up and be always present: social media, mentions, links even public events and photos. Every good piece of content can be helpful to increase your brand importance. Therefore, do not give up, continue to try and to test, be focused and use all the resources you might find online.