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Evolving web technology in business

Introduction In recent years web application technology surged. The business received incomparable possibilities to present their ideas to users, and developers gained new utilities and abstractions to put those ideas into life in a more reliable manner. This evolution created new possibilities as ...


Mejorando el SEO en 2019


A business’ online visibility has become essential in recent years.  You are essentially non-existent if you are not displayed on Google.  While Google’s algorithms are changed from time to time, there are fixed characteristics that has remained significant.  Among these, speed is among ...


Come realizzare la perfetta brochure aziendale

As we know the first impression is extremely important, making or breaking a business relationship. That’s so true in business, where the first impression can be everything. So, we asked our friends at Geofelix to explain how to prepare the perfect business leaflet and to make the best first ...


Blockchain forum in EAU


Bitcoin is a virtual currency, a non-tangible good that can be bought with fiat currency and sold for a profit, or a loss. For that reason, it is similar to stocks or bonds but comes with much higher volatility. Virtual currency as Bitcoin is nothing new from the users’ standpoint. Wire transfer, ...


3 Top tips to improve local search rankings in 2019

If you’re a small to mid-sized company, you’ll want to target your SEO effort to your local market. Unless you are a very niche service with a global reach, you wouldn’t get too far competing against the biggest brands and sites out there on an international scale. Plus, if you’re targeting ...