Galaxy S4 screen flicker / flashing issue

I received a lot of messages from you concerned about Galaxy S4 screen flicker / flashing issue. This problem appears sometimes just by screen flickering or by flashing a black screen with time and date on Galaxy S4. Occasionally it may cause the phone to crush. I received messages from people saying they are not even able to send a tweet.  This is very odd and really annoying because it’s happening randomly. So you may confront with Galaxy S4 screen flicker / flashing when typing, while playing video, browsing, playing games and more.

Galaxy S4 screen flicker / flashing issue

So i made a little research trying to solve Galaxy S4 screen flicker issue.

Here is what i found out and solved this problem for some GS4 users.

1. Check your network signal.  After a full factory reset and no apps installed on the phone, it seems that the problem appears only when are 4 or less bars on GSM network. It’s not happening on 3G, HSDPA or LTE.  This is not a permanent fix, but you can try it.

2. Another solution that worked for a friend of mine was to disable Automatic Brightness . Just go to Settings –> My Device –> Display –> Brightness –> Untick Automatic Brightness. After that go back to Settings –> Display –> Scroll down and untick Auto adjust Screen tone.

3. Some say that magnetic sensor is to blame about Samsung Galaxy S4 black screen flicker / flashing issue.  Open the back cover . On the right side of the phone you will see a screw where “L1” is written. Open and replace it with a brass one.  What is happening is that this screw get magnetized and cause this screen flickering on Galaxy S4.

4. If you the “hard” method above doesn’t work, you can try a software method. Just go to Application Manager –> All Apps –>—>Force stop it 1-2 times. 

5. Check the battery status and calibrate the battery. Go to dialpad and type *#0228# . Your battery may be the problem. 

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