Does your business need a mobile app?

More and more people are buying a variety of things online using their mobile devices – clothes, furniture, books, even food, and drinks.

Research from app development company Code Inspiration indicates that mobile traffic has already exceeded desktop traffic. To get all that done, some people use mobile apps and some use mobile web pages. Do you know what the difference is?

1. Mobile web page and mobile app – what is the difference?

Even though a lot of people use mobile apps, some people still use mobile web pages. The main difference between a mobile web page and a mobile app is that the mobile app is a program that is installed on a user’s mobile phone and the mobile website is a web page which you access through a browser by typing in the website’s URL address.

2. How to know which operating system you should use?

There is no correct answer regarding this question because you need to research how many of your customers use Android operating system or iOS operating system.

There are not many differences between some iOS and Android apps in their stores, but you need to research which operating system your target audience use and adapt the app to them.

3. Benefits of a mobile app

Mobile apps are a perfect way to reach out to potential customers and provide a better experience to existing ones.

3.1. Great visibility

The mobile app is a direct communication channel with your client. That makes mobile apps the best tool to increase the visibility of your brand. When you have a great looking mobile app with many features and multiple functions your customer needs, the increase in brand awareness is guaranteed.

3.2. Build a brand

With a mobile app, you can put your business on a higher level because you have a lot of variants for building your brand. You need to know if your competitors have a mobile app. If they don’t, you know that you are ahead with your mobile app because you have discovered your audience’s needs. That gives your customers a feeling that they are not just a number for you – it provides a more personal touch, which customers need today. Also, you need to be authentic and original.

4. Will the app solve your problems?

If you don’t have a specific need for that, don’t waste your time (and money) on that. For example, if your main activity is providing services, like mobile app development, you don’t need a mobile app for your firm because your customers can see your work on your website. But if you have an e-commerce company, you need to think having a mobile app.