ASUS F555LA-AS51 Review Specs and Price

Asus F555LA-AS51 Review

Are you hunting for a powerful laptop with powerful features and an affordable price? Do you wish to invest on a laptop that can be handled easily and smoothly? If yes, Asus F555LA-AS51 will lend you a hand of help. This Asus F55LA-AS51 review, will give you a quick walk through the laptop’s characteristic features and noteworthy functionalities.


Asus F555LA-AS51 – A Performance Rich, Powerful Processor!

Over the past few years, Asus has acquired a sturdy image among professionals and ardent gamers. The brand focuses on laptops that are easy to use, elegant, durable and extremely neatly looking. On the other hand, most people end up seeing Asus laptops with very high price tags. And, F555LA is here to break this theory. This is an affordable notebook that is worth every penny you spend. By default, Asus F555LA-AS51 comprises of the Intel i5 core processor (4th generation). It is designed with a powerful clock that works at 1.7 GHz. The dual core Intel processor is capable of handling different types of performance intense tasks as quickly as possible. Even the most data-heavy software programs and network intense transfers are accomplished by the laptop proficiently. Any normal user will find the laptop efficient and extremely powerful.

ASUS F555LA-AS51 Review Specs and Price
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  • Decent hardware
  • Light weight
  • Screen size
  • Great resolution
  • Great price
  • Sleek looking
  • Storage

  • Keyboard
  • Slow boot time

Asus F555LA-AS51 User Reviews

Michael's Review

This laptop doesn't have the highest specs out there, but for the price it's quite capable and well worth it for my needs.

John's Review

Great laptop for its price. This a mid range laptop that contains all needs you need. It has a strong 5th generation intel i5-5200U, feels very nice to me and it has a icecool system to keep your palm rest cool while typing or playing games.

Oneximo's Review

I am a software developer and this laptop is perfect for this, I'm using programs like Visual Studio 2015, Sqlserver 2014, eclipse, office, etc. with a core i3 5010U, 4GB de ram is more than enough, I mean you can save a lot of money buying one of this than other with a core i7 unless you are a gamer. (I'm gamer but I play old games like SNES, NES, SEGA, ETC LoL ).

A Treat for Performance Rich Gamers

Few months ago, Intel released a wide range of processors. These processors became famous for its distinguishable performance and noteworthy configuration. The fifth generation of these processors came with up to date features and brand new graphics. These features prove to be useful for both gamers and casual users. The exact processor in Asus F555LA-AS51 would be Intel Core i5 5200 U. A little bit of optimization and fine-tuning will increase the clock speed of Asus F555LA-AS51 to 2.2 – 2.7 GHz. Gamers who need turbo use find the Ultra-fast turbo speed extremely useful. Above all, the optimized dual core processor is becoming extremely famous among performance-conscious gamers.

ASUS F555LA-AS51 gaming


An Extendable RAM for all kinds of Users!

When it comes to Asus F555LA-AS51 specs, the DDR3L RAM is of noteworthy significance. Heavy applications can be installed easily in this laptop. However, you must remember that you cannot extend the RAM slot. There is only one RAM slot for all apps and software programs. Luckily, this RAM is more than enough for everyday use. After all, only advanced gamers and professionals require RAMs that can handle heavy weight software like high definition video editors. To be more specific, you will face difficulties only when you try to load software programs that require more than 8 GB of memory.

Better Speed, Better Hardware Specs, Better Storage

Moving on, the laptop’s 1TB storage is sufficient for games, movies and few ridiculously large files. The drive is configured to rotate at 5400 rpm. If you are hunting for absolute speed and rapid processing, you cannot rely on this RPM. Conversely, if you wish to increase the laptop’s speed drastically, you must replace the hard disk drive. As you replace the default 1TB HDD with a solid state drive, you will have the wit to enjoy a better speed (meanwhile, remember that this replacement will cost you more money).

Quick Facts About Asus F555LA-AS51’s Display

Asus F555LA-AS51 comprises of a classy display that is similar to what is offered by many other budget conscious notebooks. Its 15.6 inch screen with a resolution of 1366×768 is ideal for watching videos and browsing the internet. Most power users are not happy with such low resolution. This is because you can buy a high definition laptop at the same price. Well, if you are not interested about the screen or its resolution, this will be an ideal pick for you. Asus F555LA-AS51 is not a touch monitor and Windows 8.1 doesn’t require a one!

ASUS F555LA-AS51 display


A Wonderful Gaming Notebook

Asus F555LA-AS51 carefully integrates Intel HD 5500 with its processor. If you are a power-user who admires the use of technology, you will definitely know that this is a new graphics engine that adds more value to Asus F555LA-AS51. With some games like famous Battlefield 4, the processor reaches 30 frames per second (even with low settings). This is undeniably a playable and sensible frame rate for the affordable laptop. Some laptops tend to offer only 20 frames per second and this creates a barely playable environment. However, you should remember that you cannot get a better gaming notebook at the same Asus F555LA-AS51 price.

All about F555LA’s ports & drivers

Asus F555LA-AS51-AS51 comprises of all essential ports and drivers for connectivity. It has two USB3.0 ports and a USB2.0 port. And, if you require a larger screen for your device, you should use an external PC display that works with HDMI and VGA outputs. Moving on, the device has an Ethernet RJ-45 port that works at high gigabit speed. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t support Bluetooth. This proves to be the only drawback in this device. Using Asus F555LA-AS51, you can burn DVDs using its Super Multi DVD drive. And, you can use the SD/SDHC/SDXC card reader for reading memory cards. When it comes to video connectivity, you can rely on Asus F555LA-AS51’s basic VGA web camera.

Two Major Drawbacks of Asus F555LA-AS51

Asus F555LA-AS51 comprises of two major issues. Here is a quick walk through two common Asus F555LA-AS51 problems:

  1. Poor Battery – The laptop comprises of a poor battery life. Asus F555LA-AS51 supports a total battery backup of 3 short hours. This is a major problem faced by ardent users of the laptop. If you are a conventional user, this battery life will not seem like a massive limitation.

  2. Keyboard – Asus F555LA-AS51’s keyboard is too delicate and spaced wrongly. When pressed, the keys go through extensive pressure. And, this causes a flimsy feeling.

Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, Asus F555LA-AS51 is an amazing laptop that comes at an affordable price. The i5 processor and1TB hard disk drive speaks a lot about the laptop’s performance. This makes the laptop an ideal pick for both commoners and power-users.


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