Asus F554LA WS71 Review Specs and Price

A Comprehensive Guide on Asus F554LA WS71– A Blend of Performance, Looks and Affordability

The Ambitious Laptop Industry

Over the years, the Asus laptop industry has grown in leaps and bounds. It has seen many fascinating models and brands that can blow you off your feet. And, one such model would be Asus F554LA WS71 and other wonderful models like Asus K501lx-eb71 , Asus G551 or Asus N551. This is a wonderful desktop replacement laptop that focuses on performance and predominant features. However, Asus F554LA WS71 is cheaper than many other makes and models in the industry. According to techno freaks, Asus F554LA WS71 delights users with a stable performance and it falls in line with many other expensive models (above 1500 USD). Though the laptop will not offer you all furnishes and tweaks in pricy laptops like Toshiba KIRAbook; it is worth every penny you spend.

This Asus F554LA WS71 review will give you a quick walk through the laptop’s specs and characteristic traits.


Asus F554LA WS71 – Top Performance!

Asus F554LA WS71 blends powerful performance with a modern design (not so great). This makes Asus F554LA WS71 an ultimate computer that will suit your day-to-day needs. The laptop comprises of a simple and elegant finish. It has a protective coating that prevents annoying finger prints and scratches. The clean metallic design of Asus F554LA WS71 is preferred by most laptop buyers. Moving on, the laptop’s breathe taking performance adds more value to its price.

Asus F554LA WS71 Review Specs and Price
This is a high quality laptop perfect for every day use, gaming, and heavy running programs. It's lightweight and easy to use. The brand is great so is the customer service that comes with the warranty they give you. The price is a steal for such a great product. You are getting your moneys worth and then some.
8.8 Total Score
Very Good

This is a high quality laptop perfect for every day use, gaming, and heavy running programs. It's lightweight and easy to use. The brand is great so is the customer service that comes with the warranty they give you. The price is a steal for such a great product. You are getting your moneys worth and then some.

User Rating: 4.08 (3 votes)

  • Fast
  • Large Memory
  • Free Windows Upgrade
  • Light Weight
  • Disk Drive
  • Handles Large Programs Well
  • Great Processor
  • Great sound

  • Asus Webstorage is a bit annoying if you don’t use it and don’t disable it.

Asus F554LA WS71 User Reviews

Racheyll's Review

This computer is very light weight, it is lighter than my beloved Samsung despite that the specs have it weighing more than a lb more. It is much faster than my first gen i3 (as it should be). It doesnt have anywhere near the 1t hard drive it claims. If you add the partitions together you get 912gb. It is partitioned weirdly with way to much space on C. It came with windows 8 but I immediately upgraded to 10, 7 is still better. The trackpad took some getting used to and it sometimes randomly right clicks things. I hate the cord, or rather I hate the plug, in my power strip it takes up the area of multiple plugs (meaning other things must be unplugged to plug in the computer), this wouldn't have been a deciding factor but it is annoying. It doesnt have a manual volume control which I also find irritating, but is liveable. Sim City played very smoothly on it, and didn't glitch at all (does sometimes on i3). I havent added any of my design programs yet so I do not know if they will work well or not.

Sarah's Review

I'm a computer science major and this laptop is excellent I absolutely love it! Plus it came in a few days early

Kendell's Review

Our 7 years old Toshiba finally died out on us, so I had to replace it.I wanted to have a windows notebook solely for the purpose of web-browsing and light MS Office work, nothing too demanding or complicated. This ASUS packs a lot for a given price, relatively lightweight and looks decent enough. All-in-all, a great value!


An Enticing Collection of Fast Components

The Asus F554LA WS71 has a clean collection of components. This includes its 5th generation Intel i7-5500U 2.4G GHz quad core processor. Conversely the laptop’s fine-tuned processor complements to its 8GB DDR3 RAM. If you want to run high end applications, this laptop will lend you a hand of help. With a maximum clock speed of 3 GHz, the machine has wonderful turbo features. This is the same feature found in ASUS K501LX. So far, both these laptops have promised striking performance. According to a recent survey, these are two amazing models you can buy for less than 1000 USD.

A pinch of Top Notch Multimedia Performance

When it comes to multimedia performance, Asus F554LA WS71 is a competent rival of the MacBook Pro and Dell XPS. If you want a laptop for video, audio and photo editing, F555 has all the features you need. The laptop’s customized configuration will make sure you can handle all kinds of multimedia work at half the price and as quickly as possible. However, F555 sticks onto the use of Intel HD graphics cards. This will affect your gaming experience drastically. In fact, F554 has a better graphics processor (Nvidia GeForce GT 540M) than the all new Asus F554LA WS71. As a result, F554 is capable of switching seamlessly from Intel’s integrated graphics solution to its discreet graphics processor.

Physical Looks, Classy Edges

As mentioned previously, Asus F554LA WS71 comprises of an edgy look. It measures 15 inches by 10.10 inches and has a 15.6 inch display. The laptop’s 1366×768 resolution makes it ideal for watching high definition videos. Above all, the flawless screen will let you explore through many visual features. According to ardent users, the process of switching between different windows and multi tasking is seamlessly effortless in Asus F554LA WS71. Noticably, the Asus F554LA WS71 (4.9 pounds) is lighter that Dell XPS (5.5 pounds) and the MacBook Pro (5.5 Pounds).

ASUS F554LA WS71 design


A Quick Review on F554LA’s Keyboard

The Asus F554LA WS71 comprises of a fully sized chiclet, backlit keyboard. The keyboard is designed carefully to give you an amazing typing experience. The keys are placed far apart from one another to ensure comfortable typing. Conversely, the keys are totally dust repellent and fairly stationary. Moving on, the laptop comprises of a multi touch trackpad with plenty of wrist space. Though the color of this multitouch pad blends with the palm rest, you can access it very easily. This can be attributed to its plastic surface. And, the multitouch has competent features like left & right buttons and an ultra-responsive touchpad.

ASUS F554LA WS71 keyboard


Details About F554LA’s standard Ports

Asus F554LA WS71 has a standard collection of ports. This includes its two USB3.0, two USB2.0, microphone connectors, headphone, multi format card reader (MS, SD, MMC) and one HDMI output port. Internally, you will come across a fully equipped 802.11 WiFi. There are many interesting slots to the right side of the laptop, each with an important and frequent use. You will find everything you need; however, advanced, high-end features like WiDi and Blu Ray drives are not present. In terms of storage, the laptop’s 1TB Hard drive is fairly decent for storing data and movies. If you want extra storage, the external HDD on USB3.0 port can be used.

Software Programs with Asus F554LA WS71

By default, Asus F554LA WS71 comes with few essential programs. This includes the Trend Micro Titanium Security suite (60 day trial) and Microsoft Office 2010. Few other important Asus utilities are installed too. It is quite interesting to note that the brand has not included game samples, bloatware offenders or dedicated web links on the system’s desktop. These are features that give Asus F554LA WS71 an upper hand from the rest. In addition to these trial software packages, the laptop covers accidental damage (one year) and standard parts (two years). Considering the new software launches, you may receive a free Windows 10 upgrade with the machine.

Moving on, Asus F554LA WS71 features a wonderful HD webcam that makes connectivity and video calls easy. A lot of people admire Asus F554LA WS71 for its Skype calls. By default, it is an all-purpose laptop that will aid you in connecting with the network easily.

Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, Asus F554LA WS71 specs are wonderful and predominantly interesting. It features a lot of functionality found in other expensive models from Dell and Apple. If you are choosing between Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch and the Dell XPS 15, Asus F554LA WS71 proves to a worthy deal. It has an affordable price tag and raw power! Also, the elite machine comprises of finer aspects that can revitalize your laptop experience. This is a recommended option for both budget conscious buyers and professional laptop users.

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