5 Best Tech Gadgets at IFA 2015

5 Best Tech Gadgets at IFA 2015

IFA is one of the coolest events in the Tech industry. A scintillating number of gadgets and theories are introduced during this consumer electronic fair. This is one of the town’s largest consumer fairs. According to frequent visitors of IFA, you can easily get lost in this amazing fair. As you browse through the tech gadgets in IFA you will come across many products that can make life easier and interesting. From e-cosmetics to powerful household accessories to business-oriented gears, the electronic fair is loaded with “smart” gadgets that can revitalize your everyday life. Here are 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015.

What Does IFA Have for you?

At times, you may find plenty of duplicates and upgraded version of existing gadgets. When you try counting the number of intelligent refrigerators, intelligent doorbells and high definition televisions in IFA, you will feel awestruck and mesmerized. This is why some gadgets tend to stand out and appeal the crowd extensively. They may not seem like the best, newest or fanciest; however, here are 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 that can blow you off your feet.

Are you wondering what could be the 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015? If yes, read on! Here is a quick walk through five amazing gadgets that can take you through cloud nine!

1. The fascinating Panasonic Future Mirror

The list of 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 begins with the Panasonic “Future Mirror”. Over the past few years, you may have come across many interactive mirrors that have appealing and mind-blowing features. However, the one that was displayed in IFA 2015 is totally different. It is a digital haven that can revitalize your experience of looking into the mirror. Firstly, the mirror will help you enlarge your face and view it in different angles. Secondly, you can test how different makeups would look on your face. From different types of beards to mustaches to eye brows to eye shadows to lipsticks, you can enhance your face with a wide range of makeups. The new Future Mirror will help you decode your skin condition too. Additionally, it is capable of recommending how to improve your skin condition. Advanced features in the Panasonic Future Mirror would be rear view, magnifier and vital statistics check. This is undeniably one of the best mirrors for all narcissists.

Nevertheless, you should remember that the Future Mirror is a huge gadget that requires lots of wall space. And, you should have a huge room to use this mirror to the fullest.

5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 panasonic

2. Wiko’s Glow in the Dark Smartphone – “Wiko Fever”

Next in 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 would be “Glow in the Dark” smartphone. The scintillating phone is a real masterpiece from Wiko. The brand may not seem like a massive behemoth like Apple, Moto or Samsung. However, Wiko is doing a wonderful job in its field of work. It has a sturdy market for itself and has high-quality products that are worth every penny you spend. During IFA 2015, Wiko launched an interesting range of mobile devices. Wiko’s latest collection comprises of magical features that can keep you glued to their devices. Some of these devices are ought to be made available immediately. This gives Wiko an important role in the list of 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015.

Wiko Fever looks and feels like Apple iPhone. However, it is much cheaper than the Apple device. And, it is interesting to note that Apple didn’t find a place in the collection of 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015. Priced at 199 USD, Wiko glows in the dark. This is a distinctive feature that differentiates Wiko from many other mobile devices in the market. It’s luminescent glow will help you find it insider your bag or room during the night. Wiko believes that glow-in-the-dark is an essential feature for all careless teenagers and absent-minded professionals. Basic traits of Wiko Fever would be its 5-megapixel front camera, 13 megapixel rear camera, 5.2 inch screen and 1.3 GHz octa core processor. These are certainly few wonderful features at this price.

5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 wiko

3. PC in a Stick – Asus’s VivoStick PC

One of the very few releases from Asus would be VivoStick PC. The small PC can turn itself into a full functional Windows 10 PC or HDMI enabled television. In fact, you can control VivoStick PC using your smartphone. Priced around 129 USD, VivoStick PC is worth every penny you spend. The PC comes with a 2GB RAM, 32GB of storage, two USB ports and a headphone jack. However, no one clearly knows when VivoStick PC would be out for sale. It is undeniably a wonderful gadget any techie would want to own. Thus, VivoStick PC is an apt tool in the list of 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015.

5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 vivostick

4. Lumify for Ultrasound Images

Does the idea of capturing ultrasound images using a mobile app sound interesting? If yes, Philips has something to delight you. Lumify is an interesting release at IFA 2015. As suggested by its name, Lumify is an application that offers ultrasound solutions. The high quality imaging tool is compatible with most smart devices. The ultrasound imaging device is planned to be sold as a subscription model. It is ideal for healthcare professionals. However, it does have a consumer market too. It can be used by women who wish to take an ultrasound image of their unborn baby. You can manage all your ultrasound captures using the Philip online portal. Lumify would be made available in the US market later this year (2015).

5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 ultrasound

5. Ricoh’s Spherical Portable Camera

The list of 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 closes with “Ricoh’s Spherical Portable Camera”. This is an improved version of M15. The high resolution camera is 14 megapixels. Also, you can capture full high definition videos that can last up to 25 minutes. The spherical camera is strongly bonded with social networking sites and Google. Images can be uploaded and shared with others through Google. You will be astounded to note that you can use the camera to take 360 degree pictures of streets and lanes. These images can be shared in Google Street View and Google Maps. However, the camera doesn’t come for free. It has a base price of 349 USD. Thus, if you are planning to take group selfies, you should reconsider the investment.

5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015 camera

Apart from these top 5 best tech gadgets at IFA 2015, the tech feast had many more options for techies and gadget lovers!

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