Yahoo video sharing platform

Yahoo video sharing platform might be ready in the next few months.



Based on a Re/Code recent report, it seems that Yahoo is working to release its own video sharing platform that rivals Youtube. This video sharing alternative comes up as a persistent complaints of Youtube biggest stars, who thing they don’t earn enough money on youtube platform. Yahoo is courting this big video creators and video owners and try to convince them to leave Youtube and join Yahoo video sharing platform. In exchange of that, they would receive better ad revenue or guaranteed ad rates for videos.And they might be really interested to jump in this new ship, if it means more money in their account.

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The new video sharing platform has another big ace in the sleeve. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is a former executive at Google. With her help Yahoo really can succeed where others have failed, on the strength of her vast experience.

It is not very clear yet! One source inside the company said that Youtube might buy already established Vimeo video sharing platfom. Others said that Yahoo video sharing platform will be build from scratch.

At least for now,  Yahoo will not be an open platform like Youtube, and prefers to “cherry-pick”  the most popular and more professional YouTube offerings. One source stated that further, it might be an open platform.

Yahoo already made the first step in video sharing, by trying to buy Dailymotion last year, for around $300 million. But the deal fell through. Maybe now with this video sharing altrnative, Youtube will listen more carefully the concerns many creators have regarding the financial incentives.

However, at the time of this writing, Yahoo has not responded to comments regarding the report.


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