Why is Android Better Platform than iOS for Startups and SMEs?

Android is one of the popular mobile app development platforms with the highest number of apps. There are almost 2.8 Million android apps in the Google Play Store which definitely means people are downloading it, using it, and hence makes more sense even more sense developing it. This is why more and more startups and SMEs are choosing Android application development over iOS. People prefer iOS because they think it is safe and secure. Well, it doesn’t mean the same is not the case with Android.

There are plenty of other reasons why startups and enterprises should choose Android over iOS. Let’s jot them down one by one. If you are confused about your decision of picking Android, these points will give you clarity and help you make an informed decision.

  1. Generate Easy Revenue

There are plenty of ways through which an app can generate revenue. The basic goal is to make money from the app. Android app developers can offer a subscription model where the users pay monthly or six-monthly or yearly and get access to the app services. Another way to make money from the app by the small and medium enterprises or startups is through in-app purchases. Several Android apps also offer to pay as you like options for their users. The best way to make money is through advertisements. Ads generally provide monthly revenue or even pay per click offer as well.

  1. Feature Sets

Android app developers offer customized development to the business owners. Startups and business owners can choose according to their requirements and get it developed. Also, the Google Play Store has very liberal policies and does not reject the app every now and then. On a contrary, Apple has a very long list of policies and guidelines. It is very strict when it comes to approving apps from the store. Hence, when it comes to iOS app development it restricts the developers in certain ways and some features. Android platform offers more flexibility in development.

  1. Release Cycle

Launching the app is not the end of the story, I hope you know that. Android allows releasing the updates for different versions of the app. You can hire an experienced android app development company in the USA which can help you roll out the version at first and all the updates at a later stage. Having the same developers will make developing and releasing the updates easy for startups and small & medium enterprises.

  1. Portability

Native android apps are developed in Java or Kotlin programming and can easily be ported to other operating systems whenever you want. The flexibility to port the one operating system to another is actually great. This is one of the best reasons to choose the Android platform.

  1. Compatible with Multiple Devices

Android has an array of devices with different sizes and different types. If startups and SMEs target the Android platform, they can reach more users and make the app accessible to a wider audience. This will give a better app discovery chance, more users, which ultimately leads to better chances of revenue generation. With iOS, Apple is just one manufacturer but with Android there are plenty. Android devices are affordable which makes more people buy them and hence it is the best reason to choose the platform.

  1. Targeted Budget

Both startups and SMEs have to work with a limited budget and can’t really go overboard with the development. The android platform can help you do that. It allows the developers to work with a limited budget. Every business has different requirements and a different budget. Android app can be customized according to those needs.

  1. Low Entry Barrier

Definitely, Android has no entry barrier and makes it easy for the developers to push it to the stores and get started with it on the go. But, when it comes to Apple store, they do have lots and lots of entry barriers, rejections, resubmissions, and all. So, yes it is a hassle to deploy an iPhone app on the store. With Android, it is definitely not the case, getting an entry is not an issue at all.

  1. Open-Source

Android is open-source and one of the highlighting features for the business to pick it. This is something other platforms don’t have. Smartphone manufacturers have easy access to the Android platform and with free coding even mobile app developers adore working with Android.

  1. Market Share

Android has a huge market share or let’s say the largest market share globally. So, one more reason added to the bucket list of why startups and SMEs choose Android as their preferred platform.

This clearly indicates the market share of Android in the global market. It’s majorly green just like its demand and popularity. Android covers the majority of the market share and hence every business should target Android and cover to get maximum advantage. Missing out this platform is like missing out on a whole large market segment. You better not be making such a huge mistake. Both startups and SMEs will be at a lot more benefit by targeting this platform.

  1. Easy Installation

Users can download the app from any website and not just from the Google Play Store. Along with the Google Play Store, the app owner can host the app even on the third-party website. Android SDK allows the users to install the app on the device directly or even from the command line. All these things make the app accessible to a wider set of audience and hence a great reason for business owners to invest in Android app development.

Wrapping Up

Android is popular, it is also in demand and has a much wider audience. Hence, all you need to do is hire an android app development agency and get the work started already.

Author Bio

Pratik Kanada is the founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, a mobile app development company based in the USA & India. His 10+ years of experience in developing apps empowers him to provide digital solutions to various businesses. He likes to read & write about Leadership, Start-up Quests, Marketing Trends, Latest Technologies, and Mobile Applications.