U2412m vs Dell U2415

U2412m vs Dell U2415

Even we will compare U2412m vs Dell U2415 monitors, we know that Dell monitors are renown for winning many awards and have been recognized by many uses as some of the best available monitors on the market. Today we are going to compare two of the best 24 inch monitors; the Dell u2412m and the Dell u2415 to help you decide which one is the best for you. The difference between these two monitors and man their best feature is their Aspect Ratio of 16:10 which is rarely seen on a desktop monitor today. This size allows the monitor to provide a near perfect viewing experience when when watching movies, editing photos or performing any other daily tasks by offering anextra 120 vertical pixels. The technology used by both these monitors is known as IPS which allows you perfect viewing regardless of the angle the image is looked at.

Dell U2412m vs U2415 Comparison Table

Screen24 inch24.1 inch
Resolution1920x12001920 x 1200
Refresh Rate60 Hz60 Hz
Viewing Angle178° / 178° 178° / 178°
Response Time8 msFast mode: 6 ms
Normal mode: 8 ms
ConnectorsDisplayPort, D-Sub, DVI2xHDMI
6xUSB 3.0
PriceCheck price on: amazonCheck price on: amazon

Dell U2412m vs U2415 Design

Design plays a very important role when you’re looking to buy the perfect monitor. Whether we talk about color, shape or size, everyone has their own preferences.

I must admit that the Dell u2412m design is not very attractive, however one can appreciate its simplicity. The Dell U2412m monitor is manufactured from organic materials which allows the monitor to be highly energy efficient when compared to many of the other brand monitors. The 24 inch screen is surrounded by an incredibly thin bezel of just 0.60 inch. On the bottom bezel we found a nice Dell logo, and on the right area of the bezel we found five buttons which can be used to adjust a variety of settings on the monitor. The monitor is supported by a sturdy plastic base which provided good stability and excellent cable management. Another important function is, depending on the space available you can adjust the high by 4.5 inches, or you can turn it at an angle of 90 degrees and enjoy perfect visibility due to the image self adjusting feature of the monitor.

On the left side there are 2 USB ports which can be used to connect additional devices. On the back of the monitor you will find another Dell logo on top, and a variety of ports and connectors just below which we will discuss later on.

U2412m vs Dell u2415 design 


The Dell u2415 design is quite similar to Dell u2412m with the Dell logo on the bottom bezel of the monitor. The bezels are also very thin and gives this monitor a sleek and modern look. The difference between both monitors however is with the u2415 all the buttons are positioned on the bottom bezel, making it much easier to control than the Dell u2412m. These buttons creates a better user experience without having to press the buttons multiple times to execute a command.

The USB ports are on the u2415 are positioned to the back of the monitor with the other ports rather than to the left of the monitor.

U2412m vs Dell U2415 Display

When we talk about U2412m vs Dell U2415, the difference between the two monitors is not that great, in fact you could even say that they are somewhat identical in many areas. Due the fact that you can rotate the monitors at an angle of 90 degrees you can use them in a variety of modes, from portrait to landscape. Considerably both these monitors offering high quality images are designed for professional use and given the IPS technology upon their use you will immediately see the difference which distinguishes these monitors from the rest. Being able to view your images in vibrant and natural colors goes a ling way if you are a professional photographer or if you want just to edit photos. You can adjust colors from 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 colors, cooler or warmer, depending the desired look you want to achieve for your images.

U2412m vs Dell u2415 display


By purchasing one of these monitors, you will enjoy:

Panel technology: IPS

Size: 24 inches;

Aspect Ratio: 4:10 p.m.;

Resolution: 1920 x 1200

Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1

Brightness: 300

Viewing Angles: 178/178

Colors: 16 million

Response Time: 8 ms

Pixel Pitch: 0.27 x 0.27 mm

U2412m vs Dell U2415 Ports

As mentioned above, the ports are located on the back, with the exception of the 2 USB ports on the left side of the monitor Dell u2412m. On the back side of Dell u2412m you will find USB ports, VGA, DVI and a display port. Dell u2415 has a power port, 2xHDMI ports, 1xDisplay Port, 1xAudio Port and 2xUSB ports that you can use for connecting a wide range of devices as well as for charging your phone.

U2412m vs Dell u2415ports


U2412m vs Dell u2415 Speakers

One thing we did not like about these monitors is the lack of built in speakers. However you can always connect an audio system that gives you a nice and quality sound.

U2412m vs Dell U2415 – Conclusion

Both monitors look and performed quite well as expected and although a bit pricey than many of the other brands they are worth every penny. You will enjoy the best quality images in vibrant and natural colors, large viewing angles, low power consumption and the added benefit to connect several USB devices.

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