Tech ideas to revolutionize your business

There are very few businesses or professions left today that have not in some way or other been impacted by the dramatic evolution of the technological world. In fact, entirely new industries have sprung up out of the world of technology, and various kinds of tech now play an absolutely integral role in how we do business. We have come to rely on it to such an extent that very often we barely even notice it is there and take for granted the sort of functionality that would have been unthinkable only a generation or two ago.

Here are some examples of technology that is making the business sector run more smoothly and ideas that up and coming companies should consider to help them gain new business and grow their profits.

  • Managing your company’s network can be troublesome, especially when you have to delve into the control panels of every piece of hardware in the network. An SD-WAN (Software-defined Wired Area Network) can be a solution as it can simplify the whole process by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism. There are quite a lot of vendors out there so make sure you compare the SD-WAN services available first before deciding which one is the most suitable for you. 
  • Communication is key to any business, and while email and other methods have become increasingly popular, phone calls are still a favorite for many as they offer human interaction. A managed phone system that utilizes cloud technology offers this advantage with an easy to use functionality that avoids the cost of a traditional system. Not surprisingly, such systems are popular with small business all the way up to large, multi-sited corporations. Visit to find out about a hosted IP PBX and what it could do for you.


  • Many businesses are now also looking at how the principles of smart home control systems can be applied to the office. Such systems provide an unprecedented level of connectivity between various technological components within a premise. Defects can be quickly detected and warning notices sent while devices like smart thermostats and driving monitors can help run technology in the most efficient way, reducing both costs and environmental impacts.
  • Take advantage of the conveniences brought by the internet for training.  In the past, training staff can be a massive investment with the need to either send staff to conferences or bring in expert trainers to your office.  In today’s world, however, one can simply sign up their staff members for online business courses with relative ease.
  • Email marketing has also grown popular in recent years and has now become a specialty as marketers need to cut through the numerous emails we receive every day and grab our attention as a consumer. The latest software enables marketers to issue emails tailored to a specific individual, meaning that the content is uniquely relevant to them and far more likely therefore to make an impact than a generic message. The most effective emails are also interactive and provide a further platform for consumers to engage with the company who has contacted them.
  • Savvy business leaders can leverage the internet not only for communications but also to generate profits. New business ideas abound thanks to the myriad options available for making money online.  From brick and motar stores to individuals, anyone can set-up an e-commerce arm on a myriad of sales platform with Amazon being the most popular.  So, find out how to make money from Amazon and start profiting with little overhead.
  • Make sure of online documentation systems and spreadsheets.  Technology can help you keep organized if you keep everything electronically.  

The biggest successes in the business world are invariably achieved by those who accurately predict the future by analyzing trends and patterns. Such people are able to make sure they are at the forefront of the most exciting new developments and then utilize these to their own advantage.

While making totally accurate predictions can never be entirely guaranteed, if the past few decades are anything to go by the evolution of the technological world will not be slowing down for some time yet and this will most likely be where the most innovative and exciting developments will take place. Business owners in any industry would be wise to make sure they pay this area the attention it deserves.


Jack is a tech blogger and content marketer specializing in online security and privacy. He spends his time split between Western Canada and Asia Pacific.