Stick Hero Cheats Tips and Tricks

I think most of you have already played Stick Hero. I played myself and I found it an interesting game that plays fast and you have to use your brain to make points. It is an interesting game, but it can be annoying and frustrating and sometimes you feel like you want to throw the phone out the window because the stick did not fall on the right place. Stick Hero is a game that can be addictive because once you tried it you can not stop playing.
The game is simple. All you have to do is to make the stick long enough to reach between the two platforms. If the stick is too long or too short you fall down and the game is over. It sounds easy but is not. That’s why we created these Stick Hero cheats tips and tricks for those who want to make a lot of points.

Stick Hero Cheats

Since you’re here I’m sure that you are looking for a Stick Hero hack tool. But now I ask. If you use Stick Hero cheats to get unlimited lives and coins, where is the fun playing this game? Of course you can find all over the internet all sorts of Stick Hero cheats and Stick Hero hack tools but personally I do not think it’s worth it. Using stick hero cheats you can enjoy unlimited resources. With unlimited resources you can unlock all the locked elements of the game that would have to unlock naturally. These stick hero cheats are supported by most android phones such as Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3, Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini, LG G2 Mini, Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3 Neo, Sony Xperia Z4, Nexus, Sony Bravia, Samsung GALAXY S4 and more. It is also supported by iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6. Personally I do not use and I will not use this Stick hero cheats that spoil the pleasure of playing. But there is no problem if someone wants to use it. I forgot to mention that these Stick Hero cheats are not free and you have to pay a certain amount of real money.

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Stick Hero Tips and Tricks
Now I will list here some natural ways to earn a lot of points. Using these Stick Hero tips you will enjoy the pleasure of playing this wonderful game. But the good news is you do not have to pay any money, all these Stick Hero tips and tricks are free and natural.

  • The first trick that I managed to make many points is using my fingers. Measure the distance between the two platforms using your fingers. This method is a little difficult because it is hard to stop the stick to a fixed point. But anyway is a good way that will help you when you need it. For a more accurate measurement you can use a ruler or other instrument to measure distance. You can say that these are more of Stick Hero Cheats, but this is not cheating.
  • The second piece of advice that I can give it and I found playing this game is to make sure the game runs smoothly. Why do I say this? I noticed that when the game is connecting to “Game Center” or if you have other opened applications that use the Internet, Stick Hero do have small interruptions. In those moments you can not control the length of the stick. 
  • The third Stick Hero tip is to estimate the distance using clues provided by the game’s background. Each background announces the difficulty you are going to play.
  • Each platform has a red dot in the middle. Try to hit that point to qualify for a bonus. To collect the cherries under the stick, tap once to go under the stick. After you collected the cherries make sure you tap your screen again to return on top of the stick. Otherwise you will fall and the game is over.

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