Securepubads G Doubleclick net. How to Remove it in 4 simple steps

What is is an extension that gets attached to browsers, without the user’s consent. With time, can degrade the overall performance of your system. In fact, the virus starts to advertise various contents. Developers support the virus with various “positive claims”. For example, some say is a smart way of finding deals and coupons in the marketThese claims are absolutely fake and misleading. You must not consider as a choice for coupons. The virus should be removed. This is potentially an unwanted software program (malware) that can affect your system. In the long run, you will be burdened with so many deals and suggestions. This virus can make you lose your mind!

How does a system get infected by

It is proven that is distributed by PUP and Adware packed in free software programs. Software programs from unreliable third party websites can expose your system to this virus. This virus gets installed silently.

What does do to a system? can do many changes to your system. For example, it can alter your browser settings. Some users have experienced changes in this DNS settings and endless redirections. You can always check and modify DNS SettingsBy default, the virus was developed to drive more traffic to affiliated websites. It embeds seamlessly with JavaScript. That means, all browsers can be infected by the virus. The moment you connect to the internet the virus gets activated. can disturb your online sessions with annoying popups. As mentioned previously, you will be redirected to random websites. This virus is capable of taking you to advertising sites and other phishing websites. Phishing websites are known for collecting personal information! 


Here are few ways can affect your system:

  1. The virus branches to another windows virus and tricks users to call a toll free number. These numbers represent fake technology companies that can force you to expensive services. 
  2. On a very bad day, hackers can creep into your system and steal personal information. 
  3. Your browser’s tabs, home page and default page will be altered.
  4. You may come across different types of alerts and warning messages in your browsers. 


With all this being said, how do you remove the virus? How can you save your machine from the virus? You must follow this step by step instructions to remove the virus from your machine. 

1. From the System

You can remove the virus using manual steps. Only an experienced computer user will be able to perform these steps. That is because manual removal involves making changes to the registry. Errors in the registry can affect the overall performance of your system. 

  • First of all, you must open the Windows Task Manager (keyboard shortcut: ctrl + shift + esc).
  • In the task manager, you must search for processes related to the virus. All these processes should be terminated. To terminate the process, you should perform the following steps:
    • Select the process corresponding to
    • Click on “End Process”. 
  • Navigate to the Windows control panel (keyboard shortcut: Windows + R and type “control panel”)
  • Search for in your list of installed programs. 
  • To remove the program permanently, you should perform the following steps:
    • Right click on
    • Select “uninstall”

2. From the browsers

To remove completely, you should make few changes in your installed browsers. 

  • Google Chrome
    • You must launch your chrome browser
    • Navigate and click the “Gear” icon. Select “More Tools” from the drop down menu. 
    • Next, you should select “Extensions”. 
    • Search for in the list of extensions. Once you spot the “right” extension, you must select the “Trash” icon. This will delete’s extension from your chrome browser. 
    • Next, navigate to “Settings” 
    • Click on “Show Advanced Settings”
    • Click on “Rest Settings” and confirm “Reset” to complete the process. 
  • Mozilla Firefox
    • You must open your Firefox browser
    • Navigate to the top right corner and select “Add-ons”
    • In the Add-ons manager, navigate to “Extensions.
    • Search for
    • Next, select the extension and click on “Remove.
    • Once the extension is removed, you must reset the browser.
      • Navigate to the “Wrench Bar Icon”
      • Select “Help”
      • Select “Troubleshooting Information” and click “Refresh Firefox”
  • Internet Explorer
    • You must open IE and click on “Tools”
    • Navigate and click “Manage Add-ons”
    • Navigate to the “Left Panel” and select “”. Select all the extensions related to securepubads. 
    • Click on the “Disable” button to remove these extensions permanently
    • Navigate to “Internet Options” under the “Tools” menu
    • Select the “Advanced” tab and click on “Reset”
    • In the Reset popup window, you must check the “Delete personal settings” option and click “Reset”

3. Using Third Party Programs

You can remove using third party tools. An effective and safe tool for removing this virus would be “Spyhunter”. This anti-malware program is developed to get rid of It has a powerful scanner and advanced techniques to mitigate the risks of this virus. Steps to remove the virus using Spyhunter are:

  1. Download and install the anti-malware application
  2. Click on “Scan Computer”. Now, the program will hunt for malware in your machine. 
  3. Once the anti-malware program spots, you must click on “Fix Treats”. This will remove the virus from your system. 

secure pubads g doubleclick net antivirus


4. Preventing the Virus

Do you remember the old adage: “Prevention is better than cure”? You must try and prevent from affecting your machine. There are several ways to protect your system from this virus:

  1. You must scan removable devices before inserting them.
  2. You should not accept freeware from untrusted sources
  3. You must not click links from unknown and suspicious sources
  4. You must optimize your browser security settings
  5. You must update your operating system periodically
  6. You should not respond to unknown or spam mails
  7. You should install a powerful antivirus program in your machine.