Rise of eCommerce With BigCommerce in 2021

Recent affairs about the growth of BigCommerce as a go-to-platform for merchants have been classified to be one of the potential starting edges for e-commerce amateurs. Whatever level you are at your business, startup, Intermediate(any kind of SME or just entering the market), or enterprise, BigCommerce has a lot to offer eventually to all. In this pandemic where the industries faced a period of severe recession, e-commerce development platforms came to the rescue for many retailers and business people. It is not surprising that around 154,747 websites are currently implemented with BigCommerce, and 49,666 are presently live websites and additional 41,693 domains redirect to these sites. Here is why it has come to the limelight and choosing BigCommerce platforms has helped many and is continuously helping so many more businesses every day.

  • Easy-to-customize site templates
  • Convenient trending Built-in SEO
  • Linked Marketing tools
  • Shipment and Payment Integration
  • Faster than fastest uptime(99.99%)
  • Yearly conference on e-commerce
  • Built-in user-friendly dashboard to manage everything at a single place, including product listing on various channels.
  • Estimated 28% year-over-year growth
  • B2B e-commerce solutions
  • POS solutions

Apart from these introductory feature provisions, BigCommerce didn’t limit or satisfy itself with the consumer base. Its thrust to grow has helped grow companies hand-in-hand with the addition of new technologies and features almost every now and then makes it a reliable and change-resistant platform. 

Here’s what you may miss in terms of technology upgrades if you opt-out of BigCommerce:

Enticing Template Designs

With a variety of pre-developed templates, it offers you distinguished options developed on various technologies for various categories: ERP, CRM, B2B, Analytics and Reporting, Sales, and a lot more. Even untrained beginners can initiate their websites hassle-free by just using the built-in templates as per their business demands and can create the most engaging websites with the usage of the right website elements. This process helps merchants retain the customers and drive potential leads to the online market and enhance their visit time and views, apart from reaching the target audience. 

The website’s aesthetic appeal is so demanding that the customers are bound to remain on your website and eventually end up converting and enhancing your ROI. 

Payment and Shipping

Payment methods being one of the most concerning facts for the businessmen, they always must be robust and reliable. With 38 payment gateway integration, you can offer your customers enough choices to make a payment quickly. Even at your Point of Sale, you can receive and conceive online payments through the customer application checkout. With built-in discount and coupon code features, it just makes it way more efficient and easy-to-use. Besides, it also offers the availability of encryption, which ensures desired security on payments. Credit cards are especially used in Sweden, so make sure your ecommerce accepts all or most of them.


With easy-generating invoices and order scheduling, the shipping process has been made very easy by them. The delivery time and the easy-integration with the tracking systems just go beyond the scope of what you may call easy. It is only a miracle. 

Marketing Tool integration

Social media marketing reached a peak among the major deciding factors for your e-commerce store; various marketing platforms have been integrated within BigCommerce. In addition, various other tools, including blogging SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), helps in retaining top page rankings on Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. which has these days become a benchmark.

It doesn’t end here; you can as well, nurture leads with effective e0-mail marketing strategies, newsletter subscriptions, engaging contests held on your website, and whatnot. Just think it, and you will find a technology plug-in or add-on here. Yes, THAT simple!

SKU and Inventory Management

One of the basic requirements of any business is SKU and inventory management software. With automatic cart updates and out of stock notification generation capabilities, it doesn’t fail to surprise the merchants. Easy to comprehend dashboard with integration to all your sales platforms, including leading ones like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc.; this offers you dynamic yet convenient handling of your dashboard and inventory. You can automatically generate Order IDs, SKU units, and more.

Simplistic UI

We know that most of the businessmen associated with the e-commerce industry aren’t equipped with high-end technical knowledge and face difficulties in catering to the advanced coding requirements to handle or even design these websites. Therefore, it is mandatory to get a great source wherein you can consider the development and maintenance phase both comfortable while at the same time being able to handle the consumer increasing demands and the scalability enhancements in the business. 

With all these and many more advanced functionalities, this is by far among the most desired e-commerce development platforms, highly recommended for business nourishment and establishment in the fast-paced online zone where each change is quite evident to all the users. This statement does not only imply that development and maintenance are the only aspects that drive ROI to the business in the longer run. 

Aesthetics and the engagement part play a vital role as well, and the fact that this e-commerce development and designing platform can also handle that aspect of your market showcase, it just becomes a more preferred option. Being genuine in nature and more simplistic and affordable than the other platforms like Shopify, it is usually opted for by businesses demanding the online presence with the least investment at stake. 

Concluding Thoughts

“It’s often said there’s no sure shot to success. It’s always risks and chances you didn’t take. However, BigCommerce ideology seems a little different to us. We, at Pro Web, believe it is not just the risk that you are willing to take, but the reassurance provided by the platform (Like the case of BigCommerce, it is not static but is dynamic in terms of progress) is an essential path to success in the ecommerce website dubai market. With a plethora of options just laying out there, this one happens to be the best usage of the resources at hand. Moreover, with the additional tools and modules offered, just adds that “Iconic” aspect to your website!