Philips SHP2000 Review

Philips SHP2000 Review

Today we will discuss one of the most affordable pair of headphones which provide as much of an outstanding audio experience as many of the popular and more expensive headphones on the market today. The Philips SHP2000 is the perfect pair of headphones which can provide you with the perfect audio experience whether you are at home or at work. If you’re like me then you’ll probably be willing to pay a considerable amount of money to get quality sound. For my personal use I bought a pair of Pioneer headphones, which are more expensive, but after I tried Philips SHP2000 I was amazed by the sound quality of these headphones. It is fot this reason I have decided to write this review on the Philips SHP2000 to let you know that you no longer have to shop with the fear of spending more than you need to enjoy quality sound. Now you can enjoy a great audio experience at a great price.

Philips SHP2000 Review – Design

Philips SHP2000 headphones are made from a lightweight plastic and sponges which makes the headphones soft and pleasant to the touch. Because of their lightweight, the Philips SHP2000 headphones can be worn for longer periods without becoming uncomfortable. I was actually able to play a game for over three hours without feeling any discomfort whatsoever. The Philips SHP2000 features an adjustment mechanism which allows you to adjust the headphone to fit the size of the wearer. On the side of the headphones we found the Philips logo and the model – SHP2000. The headphone can be connected by way of a cable 2 m in length allowing you to move around quite comfortably. The headphones cans have a diameter of 40 mm and provide a comfortable fit for the wearer with a soft material which will not hurt your ears.

Philips SHP2000 Review design

Philips SHP2000 Review – Performance

As mentioned above, the sound quality is exceptional considering the low price of the headphone. After having bought and tested one myself I will certainly say that I was very satisfied with the Philips SHP2000 headphones quality. While there is an obvious difference in build quality between the Phillips SHP2000 and the more expensive models the Phillips SHP2000 delivers a bang for the buck. The first thing I noticed about these headphones after connecting them to my laptop was how amazingly clear the bass quality was which is rarely found on other headphones models within the same price range. We tested a few other cheaply priced headphones, however none could compare to the Philips SHP2000. With many of the other brands, if I was satisfied with the bass quality, then the medium and high frequencies were nothing compared to the Phillips SHP2000. Nonetheless these problems can be solved easily using the equalizer settings especially if you have a sound card for which you may not even feel it. Moving past this small hiccup you can play video games or listen to good music for several hours. Another positive aspect of Philips SHP2000 headphones that I discovered is the amazing sound quality without distortion at high volume.

Philips SHP2000 Review performance

Philips SHP2000 Review – Conclusion

After personally using these headphones I have no reservations in recommending the Philips SHP2000, because of the excellent sound quality offered by these headphones. You’ll enjoy a powerful and clear bass with a pair of headphones which are lightweight and comfortable to use. Undoubtedly¬†the Philips SHP2000 headphones are the best that you can buy at such a low price.

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