on-EVO Magic Carpet – a new generation of interactive floor

The interactive floor, created by the Polish company Funtronic, has been helping schools around the world by conducting modern classes for several years. Lessons conducted with the use of the Magic Carpet will be even more appealing now. Schools and kindergartens will soon be offered with the onEVO Magic Carpet, which provides increased interactivity and better quality of educational games and quizzes displayed on the floor. The school facilities will be able to use the device fully after their return to normal operation, but they can already now place orders. Funtronic does not forget about its existing customers either by offering them service support.

Almost 10,000 institutions from 20 countries are currently using the Magic Carpet. The device combines modern technology and traditional teaching methods so that it can be used for any pedagogical system. Its greatest advantage is that it combines mental and physical activity, serves an educational and socializing role, and provides health and safety thanks to contactless service. The onEVO Magic Carpet is the next stage in the evolution of the device, which is already used by hundreds of Polish schools, kindergartens, care centers, and other institutions.

Technology for education

 Technology in education is becoming more and more common and the edu-tech industry is growing rapidly. Funtronic is not lagging behind, following the latest trends in this area. In January this year, we took part in the most important event of the education and technology industry in Europe BETT SHOW in London. We presented the Magic Carpet during these shows, and the positive reactions of visitors convinced us that the changes proposed by the onEvo Magic Carpet are a step in the right direction – says Wojciech Muliński, a member of Funtronic’s management board.

What can we expect from the upgraded version of the device? Above all, it is better graphics for games and quizzes that were designed especially for the new platform. A convenient and functional menu is intended to make it easier for users. Learning on the interactive floor will be more attractive not only because of the higher resolution of the displayed image but also because of built-in stereo speakers. The EVO Magic Carpet is equipped with a starter pack of 100 games, and its more ergonomic design and components are adapted to the latest international standards.

The Magic Carpet is a smart response to the need to digitize schools. Nowadays, improving the digital skills of pupils and teachers is not only a need but also a necessity. This was demonstrated perfectly by the period of quarantine and remote learning when the whole education system had to rely on technology. In September, children and young people will be already accustomed to different forms of learning from those used so far. It is worth using the skills gained in recent times to introduce more modern solutions after the return to normal lessons. This is a good time to show how to use ICT wisely and responsibly in education — especially if this technology contributes not only to the deepening of knowledge by a pupil but also to their development of social skills, integration, or work in a group.

For all users

Funtronic’s new educational application packages will be written for the EVO Magic Carpet, but users of its older version have no cause for concern. The manufacturer provides them with service support and app updates. Furthermore, on the occasion of its fifth birthday, Funtronic has prepared a special anniversary game package for the Magic Carpet users. To receive a free package of 12 games, they only have to visit the website and leave contact details of their institution.

Funtronic, celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, began as a tech start-up. In just a few years, the Polish company has developed into a global producer. Today, it sells its device not only in most European countries but also in the USA, the Arab world, and South Africa. The company is increasingly growing, reaching other markets. Funtronic regularly introduces new application packages, updates software, and ensures that the device meets all the latest standards