Mobile phones for the elderly with big buttons and camera

Take care of the elderly with mobile phones for the elderly

Do you really care for the well being of your grandparents or elderly parents? Well then, it’s time that you not only offer them with a faithful maid but also a cellphone that could really keep them connected to you all the time and any time they may want. Yes, I am not talking about the stylish touch phones that you use. They could hardly help the elderly.What you need to buy are the special mobile phone for elderly with big buttons and camera that come with special features that can really help your parents or grandparents. Here we will discuss about some such phones that can be quite useful. 

Best Mobile phones for the elderly

1. Snapfon ezTWO3G Senior Cell Phone

Mobile phones for the elderly Snapfon ezTWO3G


This phone is a great buy for the elderly at an affordable price. It comes with enhanced features that will surely help the elderly communicate better and even entertain themselves whenever they are not in a mood to turn on the TV or are out of service.

Features to assist the elderly:

  • Tough keypad with big buttons for ease of use
  • The mic offers quite loud volume
  • The color screen is an advantage
  • Offers a speaking keypad
  • Is compatible with a hearing aid
  • One touch button for SOS capable of calling a maximum of 5 numbers
  • LED flashlight

2. Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365 Flip Phone

Mobile phones for the elderly Samsung Gusto 2 SCH-U365 Flip Phone


If the style factor is quite important for your grandparents, then this model would be a great one for them. This set from Samsung is not only stylish but has hardy features and great facilities that makes it a good mobile phone for elderly hard of hearing. The perfect blend of prominent and easy to use features has made this a favorite amongst people who have opted for it.

Features that will interest you:

  • Sleek build with a large keypad that caters to both ease of use and style
  • Camera and internet features included to help the elderly be on the forefront
  • Loud sound and the various shortcut keys are a boon

3. The Jitterbug Plus

Mobile phones for the elderly The Jitterbug Plus


Coming from one of the most popular brands, this mobile phone is a sure advancement in the domain of mobile phone for elderly and its unique 5 press feature makes it a must carry a mobile phone for the elderly who may be in need of urgent care any time during the day. The great built with cool yet useful features like medication alert, etc. makes sure that your parents or grandparents are well looked after. 

Features for the elderly:

  • Large keys and distinct prints to make using the keypad easy
  • Can support hearing aid
  • MedCoach facility to keep you aware of medication schedules
  • A 5 star key to connect to the safety and health professionals
  • Urgent care facilities to enable easy access to nurses and doctors

4. Alcatel 382G

Mobile phones for the elderly Alcatel 382G


This mobile phone for elderly with big buttons will surely bring out your grandparents out of the shell and connect them with the modern technology that will not only help them be in touch with other family members but do that quite easily. The design and utility features are really good at a much cheaper price.

Features that make it useful:

  • The Double minutes feature that comes for free with Tracfone make it cost effective
  • Big buttons that make handling super easy
  • Caller id facility
  • Strong flashlight for times of need
  • Keyboard lock feature to prevent cases of pocket dialing

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