Marketing Digitalization Trends: Increase Efficiency of Your Enterprise

Marketing automation is gaining momentum in the advertisement world. This concept is replaced by the term “sales funnel.” Marketing automation is a process that allows a marketer to automate routine processes such as email marketing and complex enable/disable personal retargeting. The main idea is that the system responds to user actions.

Who Needs Marketing Automation?

The word “automation” usually scares representatives of small and medium-sized businesses. It seems that only large companies can afford such solutions. This is not true. There are many marketing automation solutions for small businesses. If you have leads and you get them through advertising on the Internet, we can state with a 100% certainty that you need marketing automation. This will help you optimize your advertising budgets and increase sales.

What Trends Have Emerged in Marketing Automation in Recent Years?

You can see the massive hype around the sales funnel. In each niche, marketing automation has a different role:

  • the lead automatically goes through the content and insulates it;
  • automate sellings without a manager;
  • automates the work and reduces costs.

Smart Personalized Content

Even though personalized content is not the latest trend, it is gaining strength and is beginning to influence all aspects of marketing. The importance of personalized content has been noted by companies that have recently created mass mailings with promotions.

Modern technologies allow you to analyze user behavior:

  • how much time the visitor spends on a particular page of the site;
  • which links the clicks most often;
  • in what place the cursor pauses.

All this information can be used to provide the user with the necessary knowledge at the exact moment when it is most needed. Besides, modern marketing systems can “follow” the user. Then the AI ​​will configure contextual advertising for it. The user put the goods in the basket, but did not place an order? The robot will send an email with an offer to complete the order.

Predictive Analytics

The collected data about the client allows not only to offer personalized content but also to predict the users’ behavior in the future.

Using predictive analytics, you can:

  • find potential customers;
  • calculate the client’s lifetime value;
  • create recommendations for clients, based on the behavior on the site or their previous purchases;
  • calculate the demand for a product or service;
  • predict customer churn
  • make plans for future sales.

It helps to find the best automatization solutions in a short time and make the right choice. Because if you are a beginner in this field it is difficult to find the right IT specialists for your purposes. They provide the best IT development and consultancy companies, top software, as well as mobile apps and games to increase the efficiency of your digital marketing. You can find what you need with less effort.

Auto Services Integration

Gathering information about the client wouldn’t be so complete without a link that automatically “connects” various services. Some online services move information between different resources. Let’s say a new user is registered on your site – the service sends information to the newsletter service, and a welcome letter is generated automatically. Also, when your user leaves an app for the purchase of goods, a personalized card is immediately created in the CRM system.

AI Created Content

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are being improved every day. AI operated machines already know how to create pictures or music, compose texts or scripts for video. The development of technology is proceeding at an accelerated pace. Ben Grant, a marketing manager at LinksManagement, link building service, said “At the moment, AI already knows how to create advertisements, and within a couple of years, it may be able to create those very ideal “landing texts”. The supportive services that you may need when generating content are also a great possibility to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaign.”

Leading global media are already actively using AI to generate content. For example, Heliograf, developed for The Washington Post, is a complex system built on the interaction of a journalist and AI. So, the editor can revise the copy prepared by artificial intelligence, add new information, illustrations, and much more to it. Besides, the system can predict news events and send out warnings that something important is about to happen to the publication staff.


Bots are far from being a new trend. However, with each passing year, technology improves and allows you to create assistants, whose speech sounds like this one of humans. Chatbots help provide round-the-clock and faster than before user support. They automatically accept and sort orders, carry entertaining, as well as other useful functions.

To implement a bot in the work of your company’s messengers, you can:

  1. Assemble it manually through a special tool;
  2. Adapt the development of a company specializing in creating bots for yourself;
  3. Create your assistant based on machine learning.

Chatbots are already starting to be used for marketing research, order processing, user problem solving, feedback, etc.

Speech Analytics

According to Perficient Digital research, voice search takes second place among all search query input methods – it is preferred by 28% of users. And 56% of users use voice queries when searching along with other methods.

Experts believe that this trend will only increase. Therefore tools like Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica will lose their relevance. New influential players may appear on the analytics market, working specifically with voice queries and assistants.

Content Management

Automation in marketing affected not only calls and content, but also contextual advertising. Artificial intelligence can advise the cost of a click or even put it on its own. The user needs to enter the data of the advertising campaign (target audience, key performance indicators, necessary promotion channels, etc.), and the system will create profiles of target users, determine where and when to show ads as well as place them. Based on these data, it can independently manage the rates in contextual advertising – the user only needs to set the goal of optimizing the advertising campaign and the maximum cost of the target action.

These are not all the tools in marketing automation that currently exist. Leading companies use email filtering and auto-responses to it, bots, automation of work tasks, and CRM systems. However, the technologies that we discussed above set the industry development paradigm. Every day IT cutting-edge initiatives become more affordable to make the work of a marketer more effective both in terms of quality and time spent.