LG G3 release date and price

LG G3 release date and price

After LG G2 was one of the best phones of the year 2013 , his successor LG G3 promises to be at least as good as the LG G2. Having one of the fastest processors and a very good display resolution LG G3 will be a top phone in 2014.

How it will look like?

These are some leaked images of LG G3

LG G3 release date and price

Display – It will have a large 5.5 -inch -2560 x 1440 display with a pixel density of 538 pixels per inch . The backplate will be removable and in this way you can always change the battery.

Camera – It will have a 13 MP  camera with a flash able to adapt by temperature and light. Rumors says that this camera will have other cool features like 4K recording , the ability to make a selfie at the clap of your hands or snapping fingers.  It will also support voice commands like ” cheese ” and ” whiskey ” .

LG G3 camera

You will be able to use the phone after fingerprint scan. LG preferred this security feature instead of retinal scan. They choose this option because retinal scanning technology is still premature and errors may occur because of brightness.

10 million sales!

LG aims to sell 10 million units . According to the reports of Korea, LG working hard and wants to sell about 10 million units.

LG G3 release date and price: 27 May 2014

LG G3 will battle Samsung Galaxy S5 or Xperia Z2 and we expect the price to be no less than $ 200 with carrier contract and over $ 600 without any carrier contract.

Update: It is finally here! The Big LG G3 can now be bought from online stores like Amazon

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