LG G3 Overheating Issue FIX

We’ve talked about LG G3 release date and price a while back and decided that is one of the best mobile phones, almost perfect. Why I say almost? Well, now that is available on the market users detected the first issues and problems about this phone. I think the biggest one is LG G3 overheating problem and we’ll try to get this issue fixed. Many of you contacted us concerned about LG G3 overheating issue during playing videos, playing games or video recording and the phone shuts itself down. Beside that they experienced screen lag as well.

For example one of my friends sent me this image with his phone while playing “Asphalt” on LG G3

lg g3 overheating issue


Remember that it is quite normal to get warm/hot if your are using bigger apps and as long it doesn’t effect the phones performance it’s nothing wrong about it.

LG G3 overheating ?

Here are some tips to try getting this problem fixed:


Download and Update Android

Update to latest Android Operating System. It could be a bug overheating you mobile phone.

Swap it out for another

If you have any days left from your return period, take the phone back and get a new one. You can try the new and best android phones, LG G4 or Samsung Galaxy S6. You can read our LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 Guide to make the best decision. Another useful article we recently wrote is our LG G4 Overheating Guide. You may find some fixes there.

Reset your LG G3

First of all make a backup of any important data. Next go to Settings> General> Backup & reset> Factory data reset> Reset phone> Erase everything . After that be careful what apps you are installing because one of it may cause the overheating problem.

Lower the brightness manually

You may decrease the temperature about 20 degrees Celsius. I said manually because if auto-brightness is enabled the device lowers the brightness by itself if it gets too hot. Some say that rarely goes over 40 degrees.

Shut down your LG G3 and wait about 10-15 minutes to cool down and try again.

Replace the battery

Or try to use your battery on other LG G3 mobile phone. Sometimes the issue may be a battery malfunction.

You may try any tips above, but as i first said, if nothing works out feel free to contact LG professional service or just simple swap it out for another brand new LG G3 mobile phone if you can. Anyway, we’ll update this post if any solution will be available so try to visit us again in a few days or Like our Facebook page to stay updated

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