HTC ONE M8 Camera Scratch FIX

HTC ONE M8 Camera Scratch FIX

We all try to protect our mobile phones from impacts, droppings and scratches especially when it is an expensive and high quality phone like HTC ONE M8. But what do you do when all of this is not enough? Many users have reported that despite their over protection the camera lens began to scratch from nowhere, and without being dropped or applied any pressure on it. Can this phone with such a hard case and strong display to have a weak spot?

HTC ONE M8 Camera Scratch FIX
The answer is sadly Yes and I’m a little shocked that HTC has overlooked this issue.
The problem is that these scratches greatly harms the quality of photos taken with this phone, and I can say that although it has a very good camera, this issue can not be tolerated.
And if you are reading this, it means that you have/had this problem. But don’t worry. Here are some quick tips about how to get HTC ONE M8 Camera Scratch fixed:

  • HTC ONE M8 Camera Scratch fix using Toothpaste! Yes, put some toothpaste on the camera lens. Then with a cotton spread it evenly on the entire surface of the lens. Spin the cotton swab clockwise for about 1-2 minutes. When finished, use a microfiber cloth and a drop of water to clean the lens.
  • HTC ONE M8 Camera Scratch fix using the corner of a credit card and toothpaste. Try to peel off the coating.
  • Try using a cotton cloth and pure alcohol.
  • Buy Meguiar’s PlastX. You can find it on the market at $ 7. Use a microfiber cloth with it. Some users highly recommend it with great success.
  • MAGIC ERASER!! Use a cleaning sponge, household polish and rub for a while. 
  • If none of the above work, you can buy a new lens and try to change it. If you think that you can’t do it, just send your phone back to HTC and they will replace it for free.

Here is a short video guide how to do it:

Anyway, the best way to protect your phone is using a good case from Amazon.

Use the methods posted above to fix HTC ONE M8 Camera Scratch and your phone lens will look like new. There are other methods posted by users, but those posted by us are used successfully.
Use the comments below if you need help or if you find any another solution feel free to share it with us.


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