HP Officejet Pro 8620 vs 8630

HP Officejet Pro 8620 vs 8630 Comparison

Do you wish to showcase your professional and upright nature by producing classy documents? Do you wish to delight your customers with high quality printouts? Or, are you searching for strategies will help you save 50% from conventional printing costs? If yes, you are reading through the right article. In this short write up, you will get a comprehensive insight through two e-All-in-One printers from HP! The brand’s Officejet Pro 8620 and 8630 is renowned for its proficient and premiums outputs. Do you know that these printers will let you print on the go, from your notebook, Smartphone and tablet? With all this being said, would you opt for 8620 or 8630? Read on, to find a discreet answer to this question. This write up is an account on “Hp Officejet Pro 8620 vs 8630”. You can also read our HP Officejet Pro 8610 vs 8620 comparison guide.

Save time, money and effort!

The e-All-in-One series will let you handle many printing tasks in an effortless manner. It is ideal for jobs that require more than 200+ printouts every day. If you want a business that grows consistently, “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630” should be your very next concern! After all, a wise choice will help you save more funds, time and effort.

hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630 save

HP Officejet Pro 8620 vs 8630 Price

As mentioned previously, the battle “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630” is very close. This can be attributed to its common usage and purpose. You can use both HP 8620 and HP 8630 in home based offices and small business organizations. Conversely, there is a marked price difference between the two different printers. As expected, the newer version is much more expensive than the older one! You can buy HP Officejet Pro 8620 at 184 USD, whereas HP Officejet Pro 8630 is priced as low as 270 USD. Meanwhile, the MSRP of HP 8630 is 399 USD and HP 8620 is 299 USD!


A Quick Walk Through the Print Specs of HP 8600 Models

It is quite interesting to note that “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630” becomes tacky and indifferent in terms of printing specs. The printers are fine tuned to produce 21 black & white pages per minute. Moving on, the printer can generate 16.5 color printouts every minute. On the whole, you can load and print 250 sheets continuously. This can be attributed to the printer’s high turnaround speed and quick response time. Automatic duplexing is another astounding feature in the “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630” comparison. Almost all e-All-in-Printers have the automatic duplexing feature.

General Information About the 8600 Models

The talk on “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630” will remain incomplete without general specifications. Like many other printers and scanners, you can plug n play the 8600 series with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Additionally, the printers have five bright energy stars. As a result, you don’t need to worry about energy efficiency (or high electricity bills). The printers comprise of a 4.3” CGD touch screen and an inbuilt memory capacity of 128 MB! Conversely, crystal clear printouts will be few taps away. Always remember that HP’s 8600 Series is renowned for its stylish look, trendy features and top notch performance.

Media Sizes, Media Types

The “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630” comparison will remain incomplete without a talk on Media types and sizes. According to many existing reviews, there is a marked difference in the kind of media types supported by HP8620 and HP8630. For instance, you can use HP8620 to print 10 x 15 cm sheets, 13 x 18 cm copies, 4 x 6” pages, 5 x 7” prints, 8 x 10” layouts and 9 Envelopes. You cannot print these sizes in HP Officejet Pro 8630. On the other hand, 8630 is fine tuned to print A1, A5, A6, C5 Envelopes, C6 Envelopes, Chokei 3, Chokei 4 and Hagaki Cards. Likewise, there is a prudent difference in the types of media supported by these printers. “HP Officejet Pro 8630” can print transparent sheet, while HP 8620 is meant only for photo paper, envelopes and Heavy weight Matte Paper.

Copier/Scanner Specs

Just like printing specs, you will see many similarities in the scanner specs of “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630”. Under conventional conditions, you can take 34 black & white copies per minute. Meanwhile, the maximum number of copies is restricted to 99 pages. Both these products will let you input scanner media via flatbed and automatic document feeder (ADF). At most, you can feed 50 pages simultaneously. With an internal depth of 24-bits you can zoom up to 400% and reduce the size of scanned documents to 25% the original dimensions.

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Connections vs Communications

Most people confuse connections with communications! Always remember that there is a massive gaps between the two! HP Officejet pro 8630 supports USB interfaces. However, the standard USB interface is not present in Officejet Pro 8620. On the contrary, you will come across Bluetooth facilities, Ethernet connectivity and wireless options in both these 8600 Series models.

Real Capabilities of HP 8600 Models

Do you wish to print IDs cards from your home-based office printer? If yes, you must buy HP Officejet Pro 8630. The latter is not designed to print ID Photos! Likewise, you cannot use the latter to adjust copy density, increase the intensity of copies or take auto duplex copies. HP Officejet Pro 8620 offers the following copy features:

  1. You can take continuous copies.

  2. You can engage in automated document fixes.

  3. You can take multiple copies continuously.

  4. You can perform fading corrections and face brightening steps!

  5. You can take 4 in 1 printouts with just few clicks of a button!

Hardcore Facts About 8620 and 8630

“Dimension” is an artifact where you will see prominent differences, while comparing “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630”. Though the printers have equal widths; they differ in terms of height, weight and depth. HP Officejet Pro 8630 has a depth of 18.5 inches, whereas HP 8620 is 25.5 inches. Moving on, HP 8630 has a height of 15.7 inches, while HP 8620 is 12.4 inches tall! Conversely, HP 8630 is heavier than HP 8620. To be more specific, HP 8630 is 35.01 Pounds, while HP 8620 is 28.62 Pounds.

The Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, “hp officejet pro 8620 vs 8630” will be helpful if you are planning to invest on business printers. These printers are famous for its fast and efficient printing specs. You can engage in exquisite tasks like duplexing and ADF options. However, like many other multifunctional printers, you should feed paper and ink manually.

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