How to Install Dolphin browser for PC

How to Install Dolphin browser for PC?

Over the past few years, the virtual market has grown in leaps and bounds. It is one of the most rapid and promising technological ventures of this era. Though a lot of people are bonded to common browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE, there are plenty of other web browsers in the market with scintillating features. One such browser would be Dolphin! If you have not come across Dolphin, you are certainly missing a great browser with many amazing features. Technically, Dolphin is carefully designed for Smartphone. It is meant for both android and iOS platforms. The mobile browser from mobotap is amongst some of those best platforms for flash files. Also, it is carefully framed to support quick navigation, ease of use and comprehensibility.

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The Downloadable Version of Dolphin browser

It is quite interesting to note that you will not find the downloadable version of dolphin browser for pc. The web browser is officially customized for the mobile platform. However, this doesn’t stop you from using the browser in your local system. The next few lines will give you a comprehensive insight on how to install the dolphin browser in your windows system. These steps are easy done than said! Also, you can use almost every feature in the browser from your local system.

Install Dolphin browser for PC using an Android Emulator

If you want Dolphin browser for pc, you must install an android emulator in your machine. The android emulator will work as a platform for the browser in your computer. There are many android emulators in the internet. And, bluestacks is identified as a reliable and efficient emulator. It can be used to run different types of android applications and programs. Thus, if you want Dolphin browser for pc, you must download and install Bluestacks in your machine. This is an important step that wouldn’t take more than ten minutes.

Install Dolphin browser for PC using Bluestacks

Here is a quick review on how to install Dolphin browser in your pc using Bluestacks:

  1. Launch bluestacks in your system and follow the next few steps.

  2. Now, you should search for “Dolphin Browser” in Bluestacks. The android emulator has a comprehensive interface that will let you search for Dolphin Browser for windows effortlessly.

  3. Once you find Dolphin Browser for windows in Bluestacks, you must click on the “Install” button.

  4. Step 3 will install the browser in your machine.

  5. In order to launch Dolphin Browser for pc, you must navigate to the main window of Bluestacks. You can run the browser by double clicking its icon from Bluestack’s main app menu.

Install Dolphin browser for PC using .apk

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have access to high speed internet. This makes the process of downloading Dolphin browser for PC through Bluestacks tacky and slow. If you face slowness during the installation process, you can make use of the .apk file. Google App store will let you download Dolphin’s .apk file effortlessly and easily. Conversely, you can use android emulators to install Dolphin browser for pc using the .apk file. Here is a quick review on how to install Dolphin browser for PC using the .apk file.

  1. Once again, you must download and install an android emulator in your machine. As mentioned previously, bluestacks is one of the most reliable options for android emulators.

  2. Open Google play store and search for the browser’s .apk file. Download the file and save it in an accessible location.

  3. Search for the .apk file from the android emulator in your system. Conversely, click on “install”. This will install the Dolphin browser for pc in your machine.

  4. Moving on, you can launch the browser through the emulator. It is quite astounding to note that you can access the browser’s most intrinsic features from the emulator.

Benefits of Dolphin Browser

So, why would you choose Dolphin browser for pc? What makes the browser special and interesting? If you are breaking your head with these questions, here is a quick walk through few noteworthy features of dolphin browser for windows pc.

  1. Speed

One of Dolphin’s finest features would be its speed. It is a fast browser that ensures speed and efficiency. The browser works with a customized HTML5 engine that is capable of supporting different types of websites. You will be astonished to note that Dolphin is two times faster than conventional platforms like Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Voice Recognition

Do you know that Dolphin browser for pc has wonderful voice recognition features? This is one of the finest browsers in the market with voice interpretation abilities. The browser is capable of recognizing your voice and searching online. In fact, you can handle browsing with just one hand! Doesn’t this make Dolphin an amazing browser? For example, you should say “Facebook” to open your social network profile. Additionally, you can share photos and videos by saying “Share”. This is one of major reasons behind the fame of Dolphin browser for Kindle fire. You can open your favorite books with simple voice commands.

  1. Connectivity

The list of benefits will remain incomplete without Dolphin Connect. This is a much used feature in Dolphin browser for windows. As suggested by its name, Dolphin Connect will let you synchronize data with email clients, contacts and even fine-tuned EverNote. When you download Dolphin browser for pc, you will have the ability to sync all devices and saved passwords effortlessly. Several tablets, smartphones and laptops can be connected using Dolphin Connect.

  1. User Friendliness

When compared against conventional web browsers, Dolphin is easy to toggle between tabs. It is quite impressive to note how Dolphin opens multiple tabs. May it be in a mobile platform or a desktop computer, Dolphin will let you toggle between tabs effortlessly. The switch happens in a cool and trendy manner. In fact, you can just shake your phone to move between tabs.

Few other noteworthy features of Dolphin would be scintillating browser themes, ability to customize the home screen and add-on flash support.

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