Grindr for PC / Computer – How to install

Grindr for PC / Computer – How to install – The Ultimate Guide

Grindr for PC or Grindr for Computer is an interesting app that lures the hearts and minds of many men! According to sources, Gindr is one of the town’s best social networking apps for gay men. The chat application is designed carefully to meet up with the needs and wants of all gay men. Most guys use the Grindr app for meeting and chatting with other gay men. Also, the app features interesting options that will let you pick sexy guys based on your personal needs and interests. In fact, there is no app as perfect and straightforward as grindr for gays. Currently, it is one of the best and most downloaded applications from the android market. You can find the application quite easily on Google Play.

The Start of Grindr

Designed and developed by Grindr LLC Developers, the Grindr app is meant only for Android platforms. Officially, you will not come across a grindr app for PC or iOS users. However, there are ways by which you can download Grindr for PC. In case you wish to find and meet lusty, sexy guys through Grindr in your desktop system, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help. This article gives a comprehensive insight through Grindr for Computer.

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Noteworthy Features of the Grindr App

Before you figure out about Grindr for Computer, here is a quick walk through few noteworthy features of the application. The Gay chat app is loaded with many scintillating features and options that can blow you off your feet.

  1. As mentioned previously, Grindr app will let you hunt for amazing men from the internet. It is the town’s best gay chat app.

  2. Grindr is well known for its free features. However, there are conditions on how the chat app can be used freely. You should read through its terms and conditions to know more on how the chat app can be used!

  3. Grinder app is meant for both bi and curious gays. This makes it the only app for all manly needs.

  4. More than 2 million users are registered in Grindr. Thus, you will definitely come across a perfect guy in this app!

  5. Grindr for PC has special features that will let you customize your search. For instance, you can choose your sex type, tribe and even the color of your man.

  6. Unlike many other apps with limitations, you can view up to 100 stunning men in Grindr for PC.

  7. You can view, save and block profiles in just few clicks of a button!

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Noteworthy Features in Grindr xtra

These are impressive features found in the basic version of Grindr for PC. If you want to take things to a whole new level, you must go for grindr xtra. The premium version comprises of many amazing features that will make sure you don’t miss a guy! Here are few features offered by Grindr xtra:

  1. You will not miss messages from your dear one.

  2. You will not be disturbed by stupid advertisements.

  3. You can add many tribes to your profile in Grindr.

  4. Grindr xtra will let you view 300 guys.

grindr for pc computer extra


How to install Grindr for PC / Computer

  • First step – Find an Android Emulator

As mentioned previously, there is no Grindr for PC. If you want to install and use Grindr for Computer, you should install an android emulator in your computer. The android emulator will let you access different types of android applications and games on your PC. Luckily, there are numerous android emulators in the internet. Some of the best emulators include “Bluestacks Offlines Installer”. This is a widely used emulator to install android apps and games in the computer. Before you think of installing Grindr in your computer, you should download and install an emulator.

Installing Grindr for PC / Computer using an Emulator!

Here is a quick overview on how to install the grinder app using an emulator:

  1. Launch the android emulator software in your system. Bluestacks would be fine choice.

  2. If the emulator is Bluestacks, you can search for the Grindr app from the search bar.

  3. Once you find the Grindr app in Bluestacks, you should find for the “install” button. Download the application and install it in bluestacks. Once installation gets completed, you will find the application in bluestacks’s main “All Apps” window.

  4. Conversely, you can open the app in bluestacks and start your hunt for hot men. According to sources, bluestacks is the best android emulator in the market with a user-friendly interface and access to almost all android applications. S

Installing Grindr for PC / Computer using an APK!

Similarly, you can download Grindr for PC using its .apk application. If your internet connection is slow and predominantly weak, you will have a tough time searching for applications in the android emulator. This is when the Grindr APK app becomes extremely useful. Here is a quick review on how to use the Grindr APK:

  1. Download Grindr from Google Play store or its official website.

  2. Find the apk in your machine and choose to open with Bluestacks (or any android emulator in your system). This will kick start installation.

  3. Never disturb your machine during the installation. That is because you may lose data. So, stay alert and ensure the installation takes places without any interruptions.

  4. Finally, open the Grindr app from Bluestack’s main home page.

You can install Grindr in your system without much hassles or tussles. The time required to install Grindr app in your machine depends on the emulator you have installed in your machine. Bluestacks is undeniably one of the finest options you can go for!

The Verdict

On the whole, Grindr is a wonderful app for finding gays from different parts of the world. The app will help you spot your man in few split seconds. Of course, the app comes in several versions and you can upgrade at anytime! The free version of Grindr will give you a basic insight into the app’s prime features and ground breaking offerings.

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