Epson XP-310 vs XP-410

A Comprehensive Guide Through Epson XP-310 vs XP-410

Does Epson XP-310 and XP-410 have massive differences? Are the two printers different or more-or-less the same? When should you buy Epson XP-310 and where will XP-410 be useful? Are you breaking your head with these questions? Is XP410 meant for budget conscious users?

If yes, sit back, relax and consider yourself as lucky! Since, the next few lines will give you a comprehensive account on epson xp-310 vs xp-410. It is quite interesting to note that there is a very thin line between these two products. And, you should think twice & analyse carefully (epson xp-310 vs xp-410) before making a final choice.

All On Connections!

When it comes to connectivity, epson xp-310 vs xp-410 tends to showcase many differences. According to experts, this is an important parameter where both the printers are completely dissimilar. To begin with, XP310 makes use of Ethernet and USB ports. However, you will not come across these ports in Epson Expression Home XP 410. On the contrary, you will see Card Slots and USB Host hubs in XP410. These are two standard interfaces found only in XP 410. Meanwhile, USB 2.0 is present in both these models. And, XP 410 supports WiFi connectivity, where as XP310 does not offer WiFi assistance.

How Friendly is Epson on your Pocket?

“Price” plays an integral role in the epson xp-310 vs xp-410 comparison. If you are ought to opt for an Epson XP 310 with one year limited warranty in countries in Canada and USA, you should be prepared to spend a minimum amount of 60 USD. Conversely, the official price of Workforce XP310 is 450 USD! There is a massive variation in price, between the two different models. Experts attribute this to 310’s exquisite collection of features and premium quality. An ardent user states that XP310 is designed to last for several decades. Additionally, you will be conferred with many maintenance options and free services. These are add-on benefits, enjoyed by XP 310 customers.

epson xp-310 vs xp-410 price


The Diverse Printing Capabilities of Epson XP-310 vs XP-410

If you are techie, you will definitely understand the need for standard printing facilities. Epson Expression XP 410 does not offer Grayscale or Toner saving printing. Most people consider this a massive drawback of the affordable model. Nevertheless, XP410 offers a wide range of printing features like the mobile printing app, photo printing, borderless printing, wireless printing, photo direct printing and document printing. From this list, XP 310 does not have options for wireless printing, photo printing or the mobile printing app. Meanwhile, it is quite astounding to note that XP310 delights buyers with Grayscale or Toner Saver Printing. According to techies, “epson xp-310 vs xp-410” faces a tacky twist in terms of capability.

Print, Scan, Fax and COPY!

Once again, XP310 overheads XP410 with its huge array of copy features. Epson takes pride in filling XP310 with many enticing features like Borderless copying, zooming, generation of multiple copies, adjustable copy density options, color copying, stand alone copying and B/W copying. Conversely, Home XP 410 is customized to produce only stand alone copies, color copies and B/W copies. This makes XP 410 an ordinary printer with few extraneous features. If you want a conventional scanner and printer at 450 USD, Epson XP410 might be a product for you. On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget, you should go for XP310.

epson xp-310 vs xp-410 print fax copy


What makes a better Scanner?

Do you wish to scan documents directly into the PC? Are you searching for a printer that scans and saves documents as .pdf files? If yes, Epson XP310 emerges successfully from the epson xp-310 vs xp-410 battle! The printer has many comprehensive features that will let you scan and save documents in different formats and diverse locations. Moving on, you can use XP410 and XP310 to scan both B/W documents and Color pages. In terms of faxing, you should opt for WorkForce 310. This is because Epson Expression Home XP410 doesn’t have faxing options! You can use XP310 for group dialing, color faxing, redialing, one-touch speed dialing and memory transmissions.

Enticing Functions of XP310 and XP410

Factually, “epson xp-310 vs xp-410” has many similarities in terms of functionality. Epson WorkForce 310 and Home XP410 tend to serve a similar purpose. You can use the products to copy documents, scan pages and print! However, the real difference is seen with faxing. Epson XP410 does not offer faxing options. If you want a printer/scanner that functions like a faxing machine, you should opt for Workforce 310. The machine has a fax memory capacity of 180 pages. And, its fax modem speed is 33.6 Kbps. This makes XP310 is a fast and efficient faxing unit.

Different Media types, Different Media Sizes

When it comes to media, the “epson xp-310 vs xp-410” comparison is broken into two different categories, namely “Media Sizes” and “Media Types”. Do you know that you can print A6 layouts in XP310 (feature is not present in XP410)? The printers are fine tuned to support the following media sizes, 4 x 6”, 5 x 7”, A4 and legal. However, you can use XP410 to print 8 x 10” (feature is not present in XP310). It is quite interesting to see the massive difference in the media type supported by each of these printers. Epson XP310 works on Heavy Weight Matte Paper. And, Epson Home XP410 is designed to print on Iron On Transfers. These are two different worlds with dissimilar levels of fineness and quality.

Real Numbers, Print Specs, The Real Count!

In terms of Print Specs, there is a drastic difference in the epson xp-310 vs xp-410 comparison! The real figures can be truly deceiving and unbelievable. For instance, XP310 prints 16 Black & White pages per minute; whereas, XP410 prints only 8.7 pages per minute. There is a very small time difference between XP310 and XP410 while printing color sheets. To be more precise, WorkForce 310 prints 5.5 pages per minute and XP410 prints 4.5 pages per minute. Meanwhile, remember that XP410 is vertically aligned and XP310 is horizontally aligned. Both these printers have a B/W resolution of 5760 DPI.

A Common Range of Cartridges!

Both these printers (epson xp-310 vs xp-410) work on the same ink Cartridge. You can use T200XL and T200 ink cartridges with XP310 and XP410. Accordingly, the color cartridge has four individual ink units – cyan, magenta, black and yellow palettes. On an average, you can print 165 color pages and 400 B/W pages.

epson xp-310 vs xp-410 ink


The Ultimate Bottom Line

On the whole, XP310 and XP410 will let you print, scan and copy. The brand has focused on performance and fine quality printing. If you want a sleek device that prints quietly and quickly, you will find these models useful. The versatile printers have an easy to use structure. Additionally, the printers are WiFi Certified. You can connect with these devices from anywhere and through any device. This makes them PC-Free and exceptionally compatible.

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