Crucial BX100 VS MX100 Review

Crucial BX100 VS MX100 Review

Predominant Differences and Similarities between Crucial’s New Line!

Boom In Technology!

Over the past few years, technology has witnessed many interesting changes. Brands and trademarks have introduced many remarkable products, with astounding features. May it be the gadget’s design, power or outlook, technology is at its edge. And, one such brand would be “Crucial”. They introduced the MX200 and BX100 during early CES. Each of these SSDs have a unique collection of features, benefits and drawbacks. In this short, Crucial BX100 VS MX100 Review you will read about Crucial BX100 and MX100, where one is a budget release and the other is known for its revolutionary traits.

According to the brand owner, BX100 and MX100 lies in between the current MX100 series. If you are new to the world of SSDs, and want to compare Crucial BX100 VS MX100 you may not find a massive difference between the two. However, techie geeks will prove you wrong and this exactly what the next few lines are ought to do!

Crucial BX100 VS MX100 Speed Review

In terms of speed, if we meke a little Crucial BX100 Review we may find that has an upper hand over Crucial MX100! To be more precise, MX100 ranks 150/657, whereas BX100 is positioned around 141/657. The performance was confirmed by nearly 1242 users, with several years of experience in the industry. If you are hunting for a fast product, you will definitely find BX100 helpful. On the other hand, if you are concerned about storage capacity, MX100 is your cup of tea.

crucial bx100 vs mx100 speed


Crucial BX100 VS MX100 User Bench : MX100 overhead BX100 by 12%!

Technically, user bench is broken down into four major divisions. This includes “Read”, “Write”, “4K Write” and “4K Read”. It is quite interesting to note that there is a thin line between Crucial BX100 VS MX100. For instance, MX100 devours a read speed of 482 MB/s, where BX100 works at 484 MB/s. However, there is a slight speed variation during sequential writes. To be more precise, BX100 writes at 335 MB/s and MX100 writes at 318 MB/s. If you want a faster 4K write, you should always decide on MX100. Since, the former device transfers data at 77 MB/s. This is 12% greater than the speed at which BX100 performs 4K Writes.

crucial bx100 vs mx100 user bench


Crucial BX100 VS MX100 Price Review

Speak of Budget and Think of BX100

Most people expand the “B” in BX100 as “Budget”. Well, it does make sense. Since, BX100 is cheaper than MX100. Officially, BX100 is sold at a rock bottom rate of 100 USD. On the other hand, MX100 will force you to shed at least 150 USD. This may not seem like a massive price variation. Nevertheless, BX100 is cheaper than many other SSDs in the market.

Crucial BX100 VS MX100 Design Review

Two Products, A Common Design “The 7mm Look”!

As mentioned previously, Crucial BX100 VS MX100 compared, have characteristic designs. Crucial states that BX100 and MX100 have an identical outlook. Apart from the label sticker on top of each SSD, you will not find a massive difference in design between the two SSDs. Generally, the SSDs have a smooth, rugged and edgy build. Novice buyers consider this as a way of distinguishing the two different products. To learn more about the drive, you should look into the information displayed in its back panel. BX100 has a slim profile that is nearly 7 mm thick.

Fall : Say No to BX100 for Security and Integrity!

The real difference between Crucial BX100 VS MX100 is seen in the drive’s level of security. Experts believe that BX100 does not offer any kind of support for data encryption. Additionally, the cheap SSD is not built with capacitors. Hence, data would not be buffered and stored during an unexpected power outage. If you are ought to work with confidential data, BX100 may not be an ideal pick. This is because the SSD doesn’t comprise of strong data protection or integrity standards. One should think over this factor, before making a final pick! This is an important statement devoured by hardware engineers and architects.

Power Consumption : The Very Thin Line!

The idle power consumption of BX100 and MX100 is predominantly excellent. According to DEVSLP, these drives are fit for an A-Okay. This is because the SSDs consume less than 0.1 watts of power. However, as you increase the load, you will see a massive change in performance and power usage. Technically, BX100 is well below MX100! This makes MX100 an energy efficient model. Always remember that this is a relative comparison made between MX100 and BX100. As time passes, you will see BX100 as a power hungry model with very little scope for improvement. And, both these drives are not as energy efficient as the Samsung 850 EVO SSDs.

crucial bx100 vs mx100 power

Benefits and Drawbacks : Where Do these SSDs Stand?

Crucial SSDs have few common traits. If you compare Crucial BX100 VS MX100, you will see many similar benefits and drawbacks in the brand’s releases. Technically, Crucial launches the town’s cheapest (most affordable) SSDs in the market. And, these products can be ranked for its excellent 2 MB reads and writes. When compared against many other Crucial products, BX100 and MX100 are relatively excellent. Additionally, Crucial showcases good signs of performance with heavy loads. Meanwhile, BX100 and MX100 has very bad power consumption numbers. As quoted by techies, the SSDs lack reliability, stability and data consistency features. Most people deem these features as the back bones of any hard disk drives.

A Quick Summary through Crucial BX100 VS MX100

On the whole, Crucial BX100 and MX100 are budget friendly SSDs. The new line is truly economical and affordable. Very rarely would you receive high quality products at this rock bottom price. And, if you are searching for an inexpensive means of upgrading your laptop or desktop computer; Crucial might be your next best option. The 7 mm SATA 6 GB/s interface and Silicon Motion Controller is too good to be true. Apart from its ground breaking price tag, the drives are highlighted for its low power consumption figures (when idle!).

The Ultimate Bottom Line!

With all this being said, Crucial BX100 and MX100 might be too attractive for an affordable drive. The material roughly crosses 70 USD for 256GB! Also, remember that Crucial comes up with many promotion codes and offers for potential buyers. Hence, you can always expect a much lower price tag during purchase. This is when Crucial overheads and disproves many conventional strategies. BX100 is a perfect solution for budget conscious buyers. On the other hand, MX100 is meant for consumers who wish to upgrade their HDDs with performance in mind. Meanwhile, bear in mind that both these SSDs come with simple setup procedures. Also, remember that there is no harm in including MX100 or BX100 in your upgradation plan. These are highly recommended products with good user ratings. 



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