Call of Duty Heroes Tips – Tricks – Cheats

Call of Duty Heroes is the latest game of the Call of Duty series for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices. Activision company launched it in the App Store and Google Play Store for all interested users. In the game you will be able to lead a legendary army with the best soldiers and heroes. Drones are the second weapon that can be used against enemies who are trying to kill you. Because it’s a strategy game, you will need to use your wisdom and our Call of Duty Heroes Tips – Tricks – Cheats to destroy your enemies without losing your army, all in extremely challenging missions.



Call of Duty Heroes gives you the opportunity to participate in missions, so you can control the war machines in the battles that take place in the virtual world created for you by developers. The whole action requires the construction of a fortress designed to repel any attack, an extremely wide range of military combat units and buildings being available for you.

Competition between players is very high because everyone wants to be the commander of the largest armies in Call of Duty Heroes. For this you first need resources, strong buildings, a strong defense and a more powerful army. Below I will present some tips and tricks for you to become the commander in chief.

Call of Duty Heroes Tips - Tricks - Cheats

Call of Duty Heroes Tips – Tricks – Cheats for resources

Like any strategy game, resources plays an essential role. In Call of Duty Heroes, the resources are Gold, Oil and Diamonds. You have to build as many buildings that generates resources and upgrade them at the highest level. The higher the level the more resources you can generate / hour. I think one of the best Call of Duty Heroes Tips – Tricks – Cheats to make resources, and one of the most profitable methods is attacking enemy bases of other players. The rules are simple. Attack and destroy the base of a player and all its resources will be yours. The key is to have enough storage space, so upgrade your storage buildings to the highest level.

Call of Duty Heroes Tips - Tricks - Cheats resources

Gold is one of the most important resources because you buy soldiers and buildings with it. Gold is also necessary to upgrade buildings. If you have enough money you can buy the best soldiers and destroy enemy bases, which will generate more Gold and Oil. As I said above, one of the best tips and tricks is to have enough storage space, otherwise all extra resources will be lost. The oil has an important role too because it is essential in building.

Celerium is the supreme element, but it can be generated only with real money or by various bonuses. With this supreme element you can buy gold or oil or you can build very fast. Each player has an amount of Celerium at the begining, so use it wisely. A tip and trick would be to buy another builder, so you can build more at the same time.

To make you to play daily, Call of Duty Heroes offers bonuses to loyal players with different goodies. On the right of the screen you will find these five bonuses that are offered daily. You can earn free Gold, Oil, experience, special energy for heroes, and Celerium.

Defensive Call of Duty Heroes Tips – Tricks – Cheats

Each army must have a very good defensive strategy. Here are the best Call of Duty Heroes Tips – Tricks – Cheats:

  •  In Call of Duty Heroes one of the best defensive tips and tricks is to protect your storage buildings and command center. Storage deposits are the main target when you are attacked by an enemy because all he wants is to steal your gold and oil;
  •  A simple tip and trick is when you build your buildings, leave a space between them to fit barriers. Use barriers to surround the buildings. So when you are attacked, the enemy forces will first need to destroy barriers to reach the building. If space allows, you can build several rows of barriers to be stronger;
  •  Building placement plays a very important role. Important buildings like storage deposits and command center must be positioned on the interior of the base and be inaccessible to the enemy. Less important buildings such as Depolyment Yard, Ballistics Lab, Training Compound and others should be placed on the exterior of the base to protect important buildings;
  •  Build as many turrets as you can and place them to reach a larger area. do not forget to upgrade them to the highest level;
  •  Use heroes. Unlike other games, heroes can be used for attack and for defense also;
  •  Use the protective shield. As a new player you are protected by a shield and do not allows the enemy to attack you;
  •  Create or join a strong alliance. When you have problems you can ask for help from other members of the alliance.

Defensive Call of Duty Heroes Tips - Tricks - Cheats

Offensive Call of Duty Heroes Tips – Tricks – Cheats

  •  To create a strong and offensive army you should focus on 3 main buildings. Barracks which enables you to create new soldiers, Deployment Yard is where soldiers stay and indicates the maximum number of soldiers that you can have, and Ballistics Lab where you can improve the quality of your troops. A good tip would be to keep these 3 buildings at the same level all the time;
  •  The biggest problem is that you can’t always control the army. The best tip and trick here is to place the troops closer to the buildings you want destroyed. Especially focus to destroy enemy defensive units. After they have been destroyed the base is yours;
  •  Each unit has its advantages. Assault Troops are good to destroy the cannons, juggernauts are excellent for destroying turrets and Special Forces to destroy barriers. You must have units of all kinds when going to war;
  •  Use heroes when attacking. A high quality is that you can control the heroes as you want, they have a great destructive force and live longer;
  •  Another Offensive Call of Duty Heroes Tips – Tricks – Cheats is to attack the abandoned bases. There are players who left the game and don’t play anymore. The best is that you do not have to worry that those players will attack you back.

Offensive Call of Duty Heroes Tips - Tricks - Cheats 2 



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