Prêmio Multishow, BreakTudo Awards, PJB and other Online Brazilian Music Awards

Music, television, internet and cinema awards have always taken top billing as a internet sensation with music awards in particular always highly popular.  Yet, Western music awards do not dominate the scene as much as they used to.  A rising market is the Portuguese market of Brazil, which is why we have brought in our friends at Brazilian cultural experts to explain the most popular Brazilian awards on the internet:


Prêmio Multishow (Multishow Brazilian Music Awards)

The awards are about music and we can call it the Billboard Awards of Brazil, because the awards with bigger structure for shows. It is organized by the Multishow TV channel and will take place on October 29.

BreakTudo Awards

It is an awards ceremony organized by the entertainment portal BreakTudo, edited by journalist Marcos Daruzves, honors artists of music, internet, cinema and TV, is the most popular web award in the country, is a Soompi Awards with list of more comprehensive nominations. It was the first Brazilian award to explore k-pop, indicating the BTS in two categories in 2017, this year happens on October 20.

Prêmio Jovem Brasileiro (Young Brazilian Prize)

The award is organized by Zapp Agency, organized by the publicist Guto Melo. It is called the biggest young award in the country, it’s like a Teen Choice Awards, only with Brazilian nominees. The event will take place on October 1 at the Memorial of Latin America.


It is the Brazilian version of the MTV Miaw (original from Mexico), held in Brazil for the first time in May 2018, this year 2019 will take place on July 4 and will have Halsey as an international attraction.

Meus Prêmio Nick 

Meus Prêmios Nick is the Brazilian version of the Kids Choice Awards of the United States, organized by the Nickelodeon channel. It is considered a children’s award, but it is quite successful in the country.

Capricho Awards 

Just as BreakTudo Awards is an online award, it has many years of history and is already quite popular in the years 2014 and 2015 when the internet was undergoing a major change.


Others awards brazilians are Troféu Domingão, Troféu Imprensa, Prêmio Pop Mais, Prêmio Quem, Prêmio Contigo!, Prêmio GQ Brasil, Prêmio Extra, Premio F5, Prêmio Uol and Prêmio Área Vip.

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