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Either you want to use it for planning an event or just want to be more organized, calendar apps are very useful and makes our lives easier. Even if an Ipad has already a calendar app installed by default and you can use it just fine, sometimes you need better ones. So if you are looking for the best calendar app for ipad, here is a list with the most popular and best calendar apps:

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fantastical app 180 x 150 Name: Fantastical 2 for IPad

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Fantastical 2 for IPad app was first made for Mac devices in 2011 and after that was released for Iphone in 2012. Quickly become the most popular app on the Appstore. Now, Fantastical 2 brings its power to IPad and I think it is the best calendar app for IPad. You can manage your appointments, datings and events from any Apple device easily.
I said easy because as you may see the Fantastical 2 dashboard (<–image on the left) is made from 3 pans that shows a week view on the top, on the left your agenda and days of the month on the right. The pans are not fixed and can be resized. Go and tap on the day you want. You will see big detailed events from that day and the other pans will resize so you can have a better view on the selected date. If you have to many events and want to search for one, you simply swipe from the right and a Search panel will appear. Another good feature is Geofences. You can set Fantastical app to remind you to do something when you are in a certain place. Ex: “Remind me to ________ when i arrive/when i leave/when i’m at.” Adding your events and reminder never been easier, and you can set them with the power of you voice using “Dictation” feature. Just tell the app what to remember. Fantastical 2 works great with ICloud and Google Calendar and other systems.
It has many more awesome features but i will let you discover yourself. In my opinion this is the most complete calendar app which makes it the best calendar app for Ipad and i set it on the first place in my top.

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sunrise calendar 180x150 Name: Sunrise Calendar

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Sunrise Calendar is a free calendar app and i decided that it deserves second place in top best calendar app for IPad.Launched in February 2013 for Iphone, it changed the perspective about how a calendar app should look like. As the App Description from Itunes say: Sunrise App was designed with love. Sunrise is a new experience that will make
our life easier. And indeed it does. If you will be using it for the first time, you have to login into your calendar. What is awesome about this app is that you can login using one of social networks like Google, Facebook or email and sync the app with your social account. So your calendar will be populated with information from these accounts like birthdays, events and more. You can sync it with Google Calendar, IClound and Exchange too. When all you information is integrated in the app, you are ready to see the events for a particular day just by taping the date you want and even send birthday wishes to your friends. To view details of an event just tap on it. If you are interested about the events from a specific country, holidays, sports and other you can use “Interesting Calendars”. You will get all the information you need about future events. If you want to add a new event, just tap (+) on the upper right corner of your screen. You can set a Title, hours, location, even people to invite at this event using your contacts and more.

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calvetica Name: Calvetica

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Calvetica is the third best calendar app for IPad. It is one of the fastest apps, with a nice and beautiful colored interface. Like the other apps mentioned above, you can sync Calvetica with Google Calendar, Exchange and more. The difference is when you want to add a new event you have to long press a day you want. Calvetica offers a custom and fast number pad so you can type faster. You can set custom alarms of an event to ring longer and louder. On current version 5.2.1, you can search an event on the map if you don’t know where it takes place, or you can add a map location to your event. Another good feature is the Search function, and this is one of the reasons i set it on this top with best calendar app for ipad. You can search for events within a time range, or you can search by title, notes , location. It has a 24 hours format and you can start your week on any day you want.

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awesome calendar Name: Awesome Calendar

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Awesome Calendar for IPad is one of the best callendar app for IPad in the world. You can sync this calendar with all IPhone Calendars. With this app you can create to-do lists, create notes with images and you can even check the weather. It is a fast app, and if you receive a call to schedule a meeting, you can simply open the app and quickly see when you have available time. It only takes 1-2 seconds. The good thing is that you may attach a picture to that event and with the sharing options available you can send it to your assistant back at the office. It is that simple! If you want to set a reminder, you can use custom colors, priority, custom alarms and more. You can sync the Awesome Calendar with Google Task. Don’t like the fonts and colors? Change it. You can customize almost everything on this app. If you travel in different countries you have already on your calendar the holidays for every country. Search function can help you find any reminder, task, event set up on Awesome Calendar. Passcode lock feature helps you protect your information from unwanted eyes. This i one of the best features that this app has integrated. When adding an event you can attach a cute sticker to it so you can view it better. I said it is one of the best calendar app for Ipad and I mean it. The only reason it is on 4th place is that it cost a little, but it deserves to buy this App from Appstore.

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