AngularJS For Business Growth To A New Level

AngularJS is a must if you are looking for JavaScript framework to take your business to the next level.

JavaScript is the most powerful, long running product that is able to handle the most difficult projects and AngularJS is a very advanced framework that is built on JavaScript. It has become one of the most popular tools for building any kind of application.

Just like any tool, AngularJS has it’s good and bad points that you should be aware of before adding it to your toolbox.

Here’s the layout of the advantages and disadvantages of using AngularJS for startup development:

Data Binding:

AngularJS implements a two-way binding which allows you to track any data related changes in both model and view, making it highly efficient.

Advanced DOM Handling:

The more advanced way for data binding does not require you to manage DOM, it helps to bring all codes and files up-to-date.

Server Operations:

AngularJS has a multi-functional platform which allows your server to work with lower traffic and static files in order to boost performance.


Application design becomes faster with AngularJS. The framework reduces your need to write extra coding, allowing you more time for development of very functional products.


You can instantly build reacting websites and applications while assuring fast navigation to deal with your service opportunities.

Seamless Testing:

The framework gives you a number of new features for end-to-end and unit testing for cleaning up defects.

Progressive Application Management:

Both MVC and MVVM patterns are now easier for handling product elements separately. Your applications will run without problems.

Continued Capabilities For Writing Code:

AngularJS uses a set of directives to store data and control HTML pages. Programmers are now able to create new directives corresponding to their business requirements.

Better Functionality of HTML Templates:

Performance is more productive with plain HTML templates that convert code as DOM files.

Increased Growth:

Once you learn the full spectrum of AngularJS, you will be able to take care of different projects in a shorter period of time allowing your projects to grow


If you work with plain HTML pages, other devices must support JavaScript in order to access your web service.

Thoughts On MVC, Scopes & Other Features:

It can be difficult to run without MVC and therefore you should have a firm understanding of it in order to prevent delays. As AngularJS uses scopes, beginners will find it very difficult to work with. It can be difficult to comprehend, so it will take some time to become familiar with its new tools such as dependency injections and directives.

As the framework runs different processes at the same time, you might need more time to browse web pages.

In a nutshell, AngularJS can seem difficult at the beginning and you must learn a great deal of new stuff. Findings have concluded that there are approximately 10 Pros and 6 Cons which seems to say that if learned properly, AngularJS is an excellent tool for business growth.

Whether you believe AngularJS is right for your or not, look into all pros and cons of the many tools available at this time. Whatever tool you choose, you will have to take time to learn all the new features and how to utilize them in a way that works best for you.

Article is written by expers from Outsourcing Company FreeZePro Software located in the UK and Ukraine.

Jack is a tech blogger and content marketer specializing in online security and privacy. He spends his time split between Western Canada and Asia Pacific.