10 Critical Smartphone Problems and Its Potential Troubleshooting Methods

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a moment without accessing our smartphones. In this fast-paced world, the significance of a smartphone is undeniable. Starting from sending an important message, to sending official emails, to booking a service, a mobile phone plays a pivotal role in every aspect of our life. As a matter of fact, smartphones irrespective of its operating system has made our life easier, convenient, and hassle-free.

However, consistent usage of the device can cause several hindrances in the long run. There are no electronic devices that are glitch-free, and smartphones are not an exception among them. In most circumstances, technical glitches mostly tend to take place from accidental spillage, and most of the phones are not even water or heat-resistant.

Therefore, one minor mistake can lead you to excessive repair expenses. So, whether you have recently bought a brand-new smartphone or using the device for ages, make sure you look for the problems that can become a constraint, in the coming days.

Common Smartphone Problems with DIY Solutions

There are technically a vast array of problems that have most likely been faced by every smartphone owner. Moreover, it is quite evident that even the most advanced mobile phones come with a limited life expectancy.

Though, the manufacturers have extensively designed these devices to make them bug-free. But, certain technical problems can degrade the overall performance of a smartphone. Unfortunately, you have to opt for a mobile repair center to resolve the major-minor problem. So, finally, now it’s time to look into the matters:

1. Drained Battery Life

In this age, most of the smartphone brands offer expandable battery life. However, this sort of phone problem is caused due to overcharging the device. To serve our advantageous purposes, we are highly dependent on our smartphones. Thus, whenever we observe even a slight battery percentage reduction, generally everyone starts charging it for further use, without any potential interference.

Hold on! Let it be clear in the first place that you should stop this action to prevent battery life. Because, slow charging, battery draining, or unpredictable charging failures can reduce the estimated battery life expectancy.

Even certain applications can completely drain the battery life within an hour. Simply, find out the problematic applications that are particularly affecting the battery percentage, and completely remove it from the device. Along with that, you can opt for enabling the battery saving mode, reduce the phone brightness, and even turn off the GPS facilities — these solutions will absolutely work.

2. Frequent App or Phone Crashes

This sort of instance might take place when you opt for installing corrupted versions of applications. Additionally, when the device is running out of space, the phone or the installed applications will render a sluggish behaviour.

Are you wondering how to put an end to this matter? Simply, go to the “App Manager” from Phone settings, and spotless the app-related problems. Also, it is highly suggested not to use multiple applications simultaneously. For further mobile related solutions, Mobile Repair Dubai is there to assist you.

3. Slow Response

Over time, the device will eventually start to operate maintaining a slow pace. And, the prime reason behind this slow response is simply the installation of unwanted mobile apps, files, and other documents. Consider wiping these apps, files, and other things from the device that is no longer in use, that will be absolutely helpful.

4. Inadequate Storage Space

Even though the smartphone comes with a minimum of 16 GB memory storage capacity, sometimes this limitation might exceed. As a result, you won’t be able to store further apps, files, pictures, and other storage mediums. Simply, removing the cache, as well as the unwanted apps, is one of the best ways to obtain additional storage.

5. Overheating-associated problems

Do you know what mainly overheats smartphones? Yes! The gaming applications technically make the device temperature high, and it can even adversely impact battery life. Limiting the usage of this sort of application will help you to get rid of the overheating problems. Give it a break to prevent unwanted tech-problems.

6. Connectivity Problem

When it comes to connectivity problems with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Cellular networks, in most of the circumstances, it occurs due to misconfiguration. Make sure, the wireless connection is configured properly so that the smartphone can easily recognize the device.

Have you tried to turn on the Airplane mode, when you are getting a mobile network problem? If not, then simply try it, sometimes it helps to retrieve the mobile connection.

7. Synchronization Problem

Most of the time, synchronization issues get resolved automatically. However, if the problem still persists, consider removing the registered Google Accounts, and then link them up again with the device. Side-by-side, smartphone owners need to make sure the software is up-to-date.

8. Micro-SD Card Detection Problem

Are you seeing a “Micro-SD card not detected” message in the phone’s notification bar? Do you know what the procedure is to fix this problem? Simply, check the SD card capacity, and where it is compatible with the smartphone model. Along with that, consider restarting the device, in Recovery mode to bring it back to a functional state.

9. Cracked Screen

Did something go wrong with the phone display screen? Simply, replace the cracked or broken phone screen with professional assistance. Being one of the reputable names, the professionals of Dubai can install an authentic and guaranteed LCD based on your phone model and brand.

10. Problem in App Downloading

Corrupted caches are primarily responsible for such an occurrence. Simply, proceed to the Google Play or App Store to completely clear the app caches. Make sure, you have the latest version of Google Play or App Store, to safeguard the device from this sort of major problem.

Get in Touch with a Mobile Repair Company

Are you still encountering a mobile problem? Consider availing professional support from the nearby mobile repair companies. The professionals of these companies have immense expertise in resolving major-minor problems.

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