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Assistenti Vocali: uno sguardo al domani

voice assistant graphic

This article will bring you in the world of Voice Assistants, with a look on the latest news and products and what will be their future. Gli assistenti vocali sono parte della vita di tutti noi. I tempi in cui la voce di un computer che risponde alle nostre domande era qualcosa di spaventoso ...


Ello the new Facebook rival

What a new social network could provide different from what is already on the market? For the start, Ello the new Facebook rival  promised to be a social network with no ads and the ability to use any ID you want. This is Ello the new Facebook rival,  and declared as anti-Facebook. ...


IOS 8 features will be released in Autumn

IOS 8 features will be released in Autumn As expected Apple will launch in autumn IOS 8 for iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 , iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod touch 5th generation , iPad 2 , iPad Retina and Ipad Air with brand new IOS 8 features. If you are a developer you get it right now . Many rumors about ios8 ...