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Bugüne Kadar En Çok İndirilen Mobil Uygulamalar

apps smartphone

Until 10 years ago, smartphones weren’t in our lives that much. These operating systems, which have become widespread after a long time and are used by billions of people; It has downloaded many applications between 2010 and 2020. So, what are the most downloaded apps? En Çok İndirilen ...


Oppo Find X2 Modelinden İddialı Çıkış!

oppo find

The smartphone manufacturer Oppo, which started its activities in our country in the past, continues to catch an exit with its ambitious models. With the discovery of the Find X series, the Find X2 model became a new part of the series. Find a new member of the family offered for sale in Turkey X X ...


Apple’s revolution in smart glasses

As the world of technology progresses day by day, technological needs of people are shaped according to living conditions. Nowadays, big companies have to constantly come up with new innovative products in order to grow or maintain their position in the market. Apple is one of the first companies ...




FIFA football game is the strongest competitor of PES football game. Both games have an admired game community for each of them. While PES is seen as more enjoble than FIFA at the past year, this year this thought will change. Thanks to the Game mode, Volta Game mode, Maximum Chemical Mode and ...


Wayne Williams Kimdir?

Wayne Williams

Atlanta Child Murders is one of the incidents that left a black mark on American history. Atlanta is the biggest city in Georgia state, and also it’s capital. The public had got to the point of riot after a series of children murders committed here. The serial killer was initially thought to ...


Savunma Reformu

defense reform

Definition of “Defense reform” is “Defense Industry Organization Structure” which are technological advances – non-continuum in general, possibly leading to disruptive changes in the strength of the military and  minimize the unwanted effects of new international security ...