Game of War Fire Age Cheats Hack Tips

Game of War Fire Age is one of the most popular games right now.  This is not just a strategy game, it is a city builder game too because you have to build a city with a great and powerful army at the same time. But since you already are here you must know all about this game and seeking some Game of War Fire Age Cheats Hack and Tips to become the best.  But let me ask you a question. Aren’t you tired of all the fake Game of War Fire Age cheats software that are very expensive and don’t even work ?  I sure am. So my friends and I wrote some Game of War Fire Age tips that actually work on the long term, and we want to share it with you. To keep this article entertaining we will call these tips and tricks: Game of War Fire Age cheats or Game of War Fire Age hack. If you follow and build your city by these rules you’ll end with a strong and powerful city and army. So let’s begin…

Game of War Fire Age Cheats Hack Tips

  •  Game of War Fire Age cheats for Food  –   In Game of War Fire Age, like in real life, food is the most important thing. Without it we can’t exist. This rule applies in the game too. In order to have a strong army you have to feed the soldiers.  It is vital to upgrade your farms and food output to the highest level s. A bug army eats a lot so make sure to produce a lot of food from your Game of War Fire Age Farms. Now that you produced your food you have to store and protect it. You can do that by building a Warehouse and try keeping it to the highest level too;

game of war fire age cheats for food

  • Join  an Alliance. In Game of War Fire Age,  alliances are everything and probably bring you more money than those fake Game of War Fire Age cheats software.  So join a strong alliance as soon as possible. It will make your game easier, as you can build and upgrade faster by requesting some help from your friends. Find an alliance that has real and active players.  Completing the daily quests for the alliance will bring you even more gold and loyalty points;

Game of War Fire Age Cheats for Alliance

  • Research your troops.  Do that and you can unlock new troops and increase the strength of your army;
  • Build more barracks. Barracks is the “mother” of your troops so build as many as you can.  The more you have, the faster your troops will be build. As you already know the number of your soldier can make the difference in war;
  • Like Barracks, Hospitals are very important. If you want to keep your army healthy and at full strength make sure you have enough hospitals;
  •  Keep an eye on the red dotted lines.  This means that an enemy is about to attack a territory.  Let them do that, and if they don’t win you can finish the job easily.
  • The HERO is the one who leads your army in battle.  Earning skill points for your hero can increase the attack, defense and health bonuses for your troops. Make sure your army stands with your hero to receive the bonuses. You can also use the temporary basic boosts from the store;



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